Happenings Schedule 2019

Happenings Schedule 2019

Here is a masterpost of all the happenings that have been posted in the forum! There will also be a schedule printed out that you will receive in your poster when you check in and get your swag! The happenings blackboard will also be displayed on camp with any up-to-date changes to the schedule including changing times and new happenings. See you all at camp!

Before Camp:

Flat Stanley Project – Can’t make it to CFT? Let your Flat Stanley come instead

Every Day:

The Archives – A public library, post office, and introvert space with daily activities

Big Screen Under Stars – Movies, dancing and other cool stuff after dark at Dragon Heights

Cult of Dark Lunch – Midnight meals with donations benefiting PAWS.org

Ham Radio – Join the frequency and sound off with your call sign

The Hookah Lounge – 24/7 un-hosted relaxation spot

Kuwa’s Protection Services – Wet wipes, earplugs, and sexual hygiene products for those who need them

Let’s Find Those Eggy Boys! – Hunt for dino eggs with prizes near Nevada Camp

No Ifs, Ands, or BUTTS! – Pick up cigarette butts, trade in for prizes at Camp Witch Trial

The Exquisite Corpse – A collaborative writing exercise at The Archives. You may only read the last sentence of the previous writer for context. Full reading on Sunday night.

Otter’s Coffee Bar: The Tar Pits – Complimentary coffee/tea/hot chocolate before breakfast

Otter’s Bar (21+): The Lagoon – Complimentary evening mixed drinks after dinner

Dragon Heights Open Hangouts – Lounge at the communal yurt area of Dragon Heights while enjoying their puzzles, fidgits, weird instruments, and excellent conversation

TrippCat’s Litter Box – Porta-potties and hand-wash stations donated for all to enjoy

Bewitching Fortunes – Fortune telling tent with a variety of fortune tellers periodically giving readings

Summer Bounty – Bring fresh summer produce to camp to share

Retro Communication – Cards & envelopes, postcards, writing utensils, stamps, and a CFT mailbox available at The Archives. All missives in the box will be posted from La Pine at the end of camp.

Thursday After Dinner and Closing Ceremonies:

Tea Tasting at The Archives – Settle into camp with a relaxed tea tasting session and discussion at The Archives

Thursday Late Night:

Friday Before Breakfast:

Hair of the Doga – 9 am morning yoga session to help start the day right

Friday After Breakfast:

Making Your Mark III: Stomping Stampers – Make your own rubber 2x2 stamp

Weird Instrument Hour – 1pm right before lunch, come play a selection of weird instruments at Dragon Heights

Friday After Lunch:

Shibari 101 – Learn the art of creative rope tying

Anti-Social Social – read and enjoy special drinks and hors d’oeuvres at The Archives

Mysterium – A co-op who-dunnit board game about being 1920’s mediums

Design Your Own Lair (A Dragon How-To) – Talk shop with the Maker dragons of Dragon Heights about homemade lighting, sound, and digital sorcery for your own lair

Friday After Dinner:

The Lights of the Dragon – Cheer Aeto along at they program Dragon Heights’ light show. See what’s involved in special FX show lighting

Jurrasic VR- Play virtual reality games in Nevada Camp

Wine (Cheap) and Cheese (Processed) Tasting (Consumption)– Eat cheese, drink wine, look at art

The 4th Annual Cider Tasting: In-Cider {} Out-Cider – Sample ciders both popular and off the beaten path

Friday Late Night:

Songasaurus Karaoke – Belt out tunes until 2am

Drinking and Songs and Drinking Songs – Roving troupe of drinkers and singers

Saturday Before Breakfast:

Saturday After Breakfast:

Lexicon’s Story Hour – At 1pm in Dragon Heights, listen to stories or bring your own story to share. We’ll have stories to read, or roll some dice and create an entirely new story on the fly

Saturday After Lunch:

Astrius Catfox’s Bizarre Bazaar – 3 hours of bartering at Camp Witch Trial. Bring something to trade

Puzzle Party – At 4pm before dinner, challenge each other with an array of tactile puzzles and puzzle races at Dragon Heights

Dino Saliva Battle(5pm): Come test your skills and battle against other tribes people to see who’s the best! (J-lube battle)

Anti-Social Social – read and enjoy special drinks and hors d’oeuvres at The Archives

Bad Fanfic Reading – Bring something that would shock your grandmother and listen to others’ performances

Shibari 102 – Learn the art of creative rope tying part 2

Bone Dig – Uncover and assemble dino skeletons for prestige and prizes

Saturday After Dinner:

Oki’s NO IPAs Beer Tasting(21+) – A hosted beer tasting where ales of the hoppy variety need not apply

Dragons and Demons and Beasts, Oh My – Chat about haunted house costuming and performance at Dragon Heights and how it compares to fursuiting

Book Club – Gather at the Archives to read and discuss the selected text

Miserable Bastard Grunge Night – Listen to grunge by a shit-box of a car and soak in the nihilism

Saturday Late Night:

Sunday Before Breakfast:

Sunday After Breakfast:

Sunday After Lunch:

Most Alluring Posterior-- Do you think you have the best posterior? Then come show it off in relaxing battle to attract others for your tribe and make the tribe stronger!

Anti-Social Social – read and enjoy special drinks and hors d’oeuvres at The Archives

Sunday After Dinner and Opening Ceremonies:

The Exquisite Corpse Reading – The reading of the finished work

Sunday Late Night:


I have made one edit to the master list! Astrius’ Bizarre Bazaar is on Saturday After Lunch. Thank you!

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