The Archives - Theme Camp

@RufusRyan and myself are proud to present, The Archives!

[100% faithful artist rendering]

What Are The Archives:

Located in Blue Camp, the Archives are styled after a public library. We offer a chill hangout space, selection of “high quality” events, snacks, beverages, and of course BOOKS! (Shhhhh! This is a library.)

Bring something to read, a boardgame, your sketchpad, or grab a free book from The Stacks and kick back. The Archives are a communal, quiet space to introvert together.

The Stacks - Little Free Library:

All books free to a good home.

A modest collection spanning a range of topics and genres. A donation is not required to take a book, but we will always accept additions to our collection, from Shakespeare to Sci-Fi to scandalous smut. Consider writing a personal message (perhaps on a sticky note) to help it find its next owner.

In order to keep a high quality selection we ask that donated books:

  • Be in readable condition
  • Be a book you enjoyed
  • Be a book you know others would enjoy

If your tastes tend towards the esoteric, we encourage you to visit the Annex Obscurum in Camp Witch Trial, a small collection focusing on the occult, hidden, spiritual, and mysterious.


  • Anti-social Social (Daily) - come read and enjoy a special drinks and hors d’oeuvres.
  • Book Club - TBA, but probably dino themed.
  • Art Gallery Opening and Box Wine and Cheese Tasting hosted by @CodyHowl: Very bur-jwa-zee. Looking for artist submissions to the gallery.
  • Bad fan-fic Reading: A curated selection of high literature. Guaranteed to be something you’d be embarrassed to have your grandma catch you reading. Feel free to bring a 10-15 minute excerpt of your favorite “bad fan-fic.”
  • The Exquisite Corpse Reading (See description below): You did this to yourself.

Self-Guided Activities

  • The Stacks: little free library.
  • CFT Post Office: Send a postcard from camp! Fill it out and drop it in the box. It will be mailed from Bend after camp is over.
  • The Listening Post: Ham Radio Station open to licensed operators.
  • The Exquisite Corpse (All weekend): A ghoulish collaborative writing exercise. Each writer pens a page or two to advance the story. The catch? You may only read the last sentence of the previous writer for context. Reading of the finished work Sunday evening.


Every Day:

  • All Day - Communal Space Open, Self-Guided Activities


  • Take advantage of our all-day chill space.


  • After Lunch - Anti-Social Social
  • After Dinner - Art Gallery Opening and Box Wine and Cheese Tasting


  • After Lunch - Bad Fanfic Reading and Anti-Social Social
  • After Dinner - Book Club


  • After Lunch - Anti-Social Social
  • After Dinner - The Exquisite Corpse Reading

The Archives really is going all out this year. I can’t wait!


I’ll definitely participate in the exquisite corpse writing. I’d love to do a drawing version of that as well.

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