Find out everything you need to know about creating and hosting an event during CFT! You can find a happenings specific FAQ, collaborate with other campers, and finalize your happenings here! Keep the forum guidelines in mind when posting!

Helping Out

Discussion of volunteering time and/or materiel to help out with the event.


The Announcements category is for posts by the event staff with important information for attendees and community members.

Lost and Found

This category is for event attendees to list things that they lost (or found) at camp.


This is the place to share photos, videos, albums, and any other internet accessible media that you have made public (dropbox, photo bucket, flickr, etc.)
Please avoid uploading anything NSFW and keep in mind CFT's Code of Conduct when deciding what is appropriate to share with our campers.


The FAQ category is where the staff will post (or move) answers to questions that generally have the same answer year to year.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Trading Post

The Trading Post is for attendees to advertise what they will be selling or willing to lend out at camp. Artists/crafters taking commissions for pick-up during CFT and want-to-buy/want-to-borrow posts are also welcome.


This category is for post-event feedback from people who have attended Campfire Tails. Let us know about what you liked, and what you didn't.