Summer Bounty Happening 2019

Let’s all feed the exotic creatures that call Furrassic Park their home!

Although the Furrassic Park Mess Hall is going to be serving up some dino-mite grub, how great would it be to grow some produce from our own front yards, back porches, and community gardens and feel the awesome pride of watching our fellow campers enjoying the fruits (and veg) of our labors!

Fresh fruit items such as foraged blackberries from clean locations are totally welcome too.

After the produce is received (You can come find me at the kitchen, call me by way of staff radio, or I’ll be setting my tent in blue camp), it will be given to the Mess Hall to be made into delicious vegetable snacks, sides, or added into preexisting recipes for all to enjoy.

No good deed should go unrewarded - check back to this thread for prize updates in a few days

It’s not too late to start planting - if you would like some ideas on what grows well in your area, or how to grow vegetables in small spaces, please reach out in this thread so others can respond and learn as well!


My bear(bf) tends to grow a lot of rare peppers and some fruits etc… I could bring some up! We also have homemade hot sauces which are great but I don’t know if we could supply very much (they tend to be pretty low output for how many peppers go in because we don’t use fillers like onion etc)


Homemade hot sauces are so good! I’d almost say if you did a hot sauce tasting happening with an easy recipe to pass out to folks it would be a better use the amount you have available! I make a wild foraged horseradish hot sauce I’d definitely donate to a hot sauce happening.


I’ll bring in some produce from the family plot, and maybe some blackberries from the park. Not sure if there will be many around that late in the season, but I’m sure I’ll find something!

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I have way too much cilantro growing this year if that would be of any use for the kitchen! I’d gladly pick a bunch to supply because I don’t know what I’m going to do with all of it :joy_cat:


I’ll (hopefully) have a big batch of tomatillos on hand to make some salsa verde! (And maybe some pozole but that’s a secret.)


I’ll be bringing potatoes and cabbage, beans, and peas among others but also these day lilies are a important vegetable used in hot and sour soups and mushu pork. They need to be dried first to make them into “golden needles” I imagine they will be joining a lot of our vegetables in the kitchens’ yakisoba

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