The 4th Annual Cider Tasting : In-Cider {} Out-Cider [21+ Only]

WHAT - A guided cider tasting.

WHEN - Prolly Friday after dinner.

WHAT TO BRING - A cup, an open mind, and gumption.

Greetings, fellow camp compatriots. 'Tis I, the Fakest of men. I’m going to go out into the world and find the best cider I can get my grubby little paws on. What I can’t find, I’m gonna make. I hope to get some new and interesting ones, but I’ve been a bit out of the cider loop now that I live in Reno, Just gives me something interesting to do this summer.

I’m dividing this into two separate tastings. In-Cider - for more fruit forward, sweet, and refreshing ciders; and Out-Cider - for the odder, more sour an bitter side of things. This is not a happening that will get you particularly drunk, but rather a sampling of all that cider has to offer so you can find something that fits your palette.

SIGN UPS ARE FOR A SPOT AT THE HEAD OF THE TABLE - I’m only bringing about a liter of each cider, so if you want to make sure you get some of each, just leave a comment below and I’ll add you to the list.


In-Cider Tasting list -

  1. Ginger Lime Cider - Fakeman’s hallway

  2. Cherry Almond Cider - Also my Hallway

  3. Corvallis - Two Towns – Brite Cider – Semi Sweet

  4. Bend – Avid – Watermelon Rhubarb – Sweet + Refreshing

  5. Corvallis – Two Towns – Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy - Sweet Tart

  6. Stevenson WA - Bauman’s – Orang Blossom – Sweet

  7. Portland – Reverend Nat’s – Saint Citron – Citron Salt Cider – Semi Sweet

  8. Bend – 10 Barrel Brewing Co. – Soft Core – Semi Dry (ver’ apply)

Out-Cider Tasting List

  1. Double Cinnamon Oaked Imperial - Fakeman’s hallway

  2. Some Other Hallway Cider

3.Stevenson WA – Bauman’s – Clyde’s Dry – ??? A dry cider with crabapple

  1. Bend – Avid – Pom Cherry Cider – Semi Sweet. Tangy

  2. Corvallis – Two Towns – Afton Field – Dry

  3. Corvallis – Two Towns – Sun’s Out Saison – Saison Yeast semi dry

  4. Sagardoa – Spain - Grutzezeta – Basque Still Cider – Dry and sour

  5. Portland – Cider Riot – New Wave – Dry

  6. Tumalo - Tumalo Cider – Mountain Rose – Rose Apples + Rosehips. ???


In-Cider - [ FULL UP ]

  1. Kieda
  2. CharlesSky
  3. Astrius
  4. Levi
  5. Oki-Wolf
  6. Blink
  7. Kaso Turian
  8. Baxterfox
  9. Beansyboi
  10. MilesRose
  11. Aeto
  12. Ghost
  13. Zarrbat

Out-Cider [FULL UP]

  1. Kuwa
  2. Serefina
  3. Nodnash
  4. Amenophis
  5. Opda
  6. Malachise
  7. Rourkie
  8. Lunania
  9. Aurielscorn
  10. Pe_Low
  11. Codyhowl
  12. Swift

Please Put Kieda And CharlesSky for the In-Cider spots :slight_smile: Thank you!


Yay! Awesome. Could you add me to the Out-Cider and add Astrius to the In-Cider? (She’d smack me if I put her in the Out-Cider one.)


Done and Done. Looking forward to seeing you all again!


This CFT is gonna be the bee’s knees.

No way im gonna miss this. Put me in for the In-Cider side!

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One In-Cider slot coming right up.

I’d love to join the out cider


Yes! A partner in out-cider crime. :sunglasses: We’ll have a grand ol’ time.


Yesss put me on for the in cider list

Oh yessss my favorite happening. Put me down for in cider list please!

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Last year was so much fun! I’d love to sign up for the In-Cider list!

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In-Cider please! I had a blast last year trying all the different ciders!

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While I would love to ask for any spot in this the Fourth Year of Our Lord of Cider Tasting I’ve yet to receive a token. If possible I’d like to reserve a spot and if unable to arrive give it up to an available individual.


Put me down on the Out-cider list! I’ve been keeping my eyes open for cider, too. Not a broad as scope as you, but worst case scenario I can always grind more of that Baked


Hey! I’d love to be put on the In-Cider list! I snuck in near the end last year, so I wanna experience it fully this time! Thanks!!

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I’ll put you down as a VIP. The cinnamon cider this year is gonna be lit.

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Absolomoultely. I got 'chu, fam.

Sure thing! I’ll add you to the list so the bouncers will let you in.

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Deal. I’ll give you an insider In-Cider pass.