Kuwa's Protection Services

Howdy, fellow CFTers!

Like last year, I will be offering my protection services to all CFT goers. Someone needs a pipe to the knee? Would someone look good in a new plastic bag mask? Have a nominee for the grand prize of brand new cement shoes? Well, look no further! They don’t call me Kuwa “Mack-the-Knife” for nothin’, and I’m back in town!

Wait, wait. Wrong event. Shoot. Um… DIFFERENT protection services are offered at CFT. ^.~

Swing by Camp Witch Trial to pick up your druidic magical items! Like last year, you can find the following:
Rods of Protection: Noise (earplugs!)
Cloaks of Protection: Slime & Grime (wet wipes!)
Circles of Protection: Disease (c’mon kids, use your imagination!)
A number of people asked for latex-free Circles of Protection last year, so we’ll have those as well.

These will be left in a display caddy on our main table under the canopy at Camp Witch Trial. They’re freebies, so no need to ask, barter, trade, etc. Just take what you need. Bring your own D20s. ^.^


“Latex-free circles of protection” XD


How about a cloak of beatification? (Brown paper sack). Could really use that.

:sweat_smile: Alas, illusory spells are not my specialty. Various internet magic shops do sell flesh-torches of holding, if the half-orc look scares people away. :laughing: Don’t let the naysayers get you down!

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Pretty sure the orc half is the half of a chance I got. It’s the yeti half that worries folks.

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I’ll let you know if I need a chipmunk to have fewer kneecaps.

You will! Those punks are ruthless. (But roasted in a camp fire with some tangy BBQ sauce, they’re pretty good.)

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