2019 Ham Radio Check-in

Hi radio folks, time again to sound off with your callsign to get in on the fun.

I’ll be bringing my 70cm repeater again this year. The antenna 20’ up a tree seemed to have pretty good reach last year.
440.275 MHz, PL 100.0 (standard +5.0MHz offset)

I’m also planning on bringing my FT-891 and G5RV for some HF action. Feel free to stop by and get on the air. If you don’t have your General+ catch me when I’m around to act as control and use my callsign.

“Official” Simplex: 147.420 MHz, PL tone 123.0 Hz.
The easy to remember mnemonic “one four seven blaze it” courtesy of @WoofyTheBunny. This frequency happens to be the alternate US calling frequency, so it should never crash with any repeater, but it’s unlikely to be in use.

If you’re attending CFT and have a license, comment below so I can add you to the list.
@Morse: N7MHz
@SaberTail: AD6OG
@Polybun: KE7GAL
@Kuwa: W4KWA
@Astrius: KI7EZV
@Levi: KI7KXF
@beansyboi: KI7WKC
@RufusRyan: KI7WFX
@archeus: WB4LKQ
atomicthumbs: KI6EFA

Closest repeaters from repeaterbook.com
Mt. Bachelor, W7DCO, 145.450 MHz, negative offset, PL 103.5 Hz.
La Pine, WA7TYD: 145.490 MHz, negative offset, PL 162.2 Hz.
Sun River, WA7TYD: 146.640 MHz, negative offset, PL 123.0 Hz.
Fort Rock, WA7TYD: 145.15 MHz, negative offset, PL 173.8 Hz
Bend, KB7LNR: 443.05 MHz, positive offset, PL 162.2 Hz
Bend, KB7LNR: 443.65 MHz, positive offset, PL 162.2 Hz


For anyone interested in getting their license, but on the fence about it, I have a standing offer to gift a radio to anyone who gets their license as a result of this post. Just shoot me a message.

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I will be there. AD6OG

I’ll bring my HF stuff again, and hopefully this year it will work out.

Will be there, not sure if I’ll be on the air. KE7GAL.

Oh hey, I got a G5RV and a tuner I could bring. If you wanna get really cray, and go full ham sexy I’ll even bring my HW-101 and you guys can burn up a tube rig!

That’s a cool old rig.

Oh, yeah. My HF rig is an FT-817ND. I’ve got a tuner for it, and for antennas I have a G5RV, an end-fed, and a Buddipole.

I also have a Raspberry Pi digital modes box that runs on battery.

I’ll probably be doing mostly digital modes. I’ll have a CW paddle, but I’m really slow at it (like 5 wpm). Voice is also an option, but I’m unsure how well that will go with only 5 watts.

I’ll also be bringing a couple 2m/70cm HTs. My new one does DMR, if anyone wants to play with that.

Hell that’s my “new” radio… my other setup is a Halicrafters SX-101 reciever paired up with a Heathkit DX-100 transmitter. I ain’t movin that shit unless I have too though… that DX-100 is litterally over 100lbs. Fun to operate though, 10 meters AM has some pretty fun folks on it.

Howdy! W4KWA here for my annual check-in. I’ll be bringing my radio as usual. ^.^

KI7KXF. Never really got on air last year, but would love to get back into it.

KI7WKC here! I have a couple handhelds I’ll be bringing. A Yaesu 2m, and a Baofeng 2m/70cm, plus a 2m Yaesu in my car! Definitely wanna hook up with some of you this year!

Hello! I will be there, and try to be useful on the radio this year.
I am KI7WFX.
And am also very excited.


KI7EZV, the Russian Kitten “Kitezv”, reporting for duty!

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Coming all the way from the Bluegrass state of Kentucky WB4LKQ

Archeus Ledoux

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Sweet, me and you can have a drunken fist fight and I’ll feel like I was right back in southern Indiana.

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Wow! Camping and drunken fighting this trip just keeps getting better!!!

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La Pine, WA7TYD: 145.490 MHz, negative offset, CTCSS tone 162.5 Hz.
Programming my handheld. I think the Tone is 162.2 not 162.5

Good catch Archeus! Fixed it.

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Something that just occurred to me, it would be pretty cool if we could get you in the air on 20 or 40 meters. The grey line propagation on those bands tends to be really good and get us into Asia and Australia via circumpolar propagation.

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Will be there, figuring out whether to bring my ten-tec argonaut 509; call’s KI6EFA.

…or I could bring my Drake twins, but they’re missing the frequency injection cable and I haven’t powered them up in years…

I’m not going to be able to attend this year, unfortunately. Sorry, everyone. Hopefully next year!