Hair of the Doga

Are you an early bird looking for something to do while everyone else is asleep? Do you feel a little sluggish in the morning and want to be ready to jump into the day? Are you wanting to start off on the right paw? Come and stretch it all out with me and join me for some morning yoga!

We’ll start at 9 am on Friday with a quiet meditation, then I’ll guide you through a simple, low-impact routine. Lots of good stretching and simple warm-ups will definitely give you the right vibes to make the most out of your day. Bring a mat if you don’t like sitting on the ground, and make sure to bring some water to drink as well!


Hi Beau,

We’re going to bring the fuzzy space this year in a hexayurt - last year was in a tent in NV camp. If you want you can use for this event to take advantage of all the dust free fur covered cushioning…