TrippCat's Litter Box: Auxiliary sanitary facilities :3

The camping life is not for the faint of heart (or faint of nose) and in the heat of dino-country the piles of “leavings” can get pretty tall! By the end of CFT, the vault toilets leading to the pits of despair can be more than a little stinky. :poop: And maybe some of the dirtier dogs are ok with that but as for us felines it’s a different story. :crying_cat_face: I and some fuzzy friends will be having (with the full knowledge and enthusiasm of staff) two groups of 4 Portapotties brought to camp, including two that are ADA. They will be conveniently located between green/red camp and green/blue camp. Handwash stations too! Portapotties will be serviced by the company on Saturday to keep them nice and fresh - so whiskers shouldn’t be curling by Sunday. :blush:

Keep an eye out for “TrippCat’s Litterbox” and other related signage.

Our “litterboxes” are available for all creatures to enjoy, so fresh step your way over to them anytime 24/7.

If you would like to donate in support of this, I will list your name on the sponsored by sign! Find me in camp, or hit me up on Telegram @trippcat for my Venmo.


That is an incredibly practical, yet underappreciated thing to “bring” to camp. So thanks in advance! If you see me or wander near my camp (likely green/red border… with board games), there’s beer/rum/whiskey waiting for you any evening!