VR Night - Interested?

So I was thinking how cool it would be to set up a VR space in a very large canvas type tent and possibly hold small tournaments and games. Possibly theme the mega tent to be like a Jurassic research station or something.

I could absolutely do it, I have the tent, power, computing and VR… I’d just like to know if this would interest anyone or if it would be perceived well. The event takes place over my birthday and I’ve never been to CFT before, so I think it would be a great way to start off!

I know the spirit of camping is generally to disconnect and get away from that kind of tech, but I think the challenge of setting up such tech at camp would be really cool.
Who else gets to say they drove out to a forest in Oregon for camping and ended up wielding light sabers and slashing blocks to music (beatsaber)? It’s out of place and I love it.

Also, are there plots/size restrictions? Would people mind a few large solar panels taking up space?
Once I’m a little more solid in the interest and what I can work with, then I’ll put together an actual schedule and event plan for this.


this is absolutely ok

This sounds so cool! I’m sure you’ll have tons of interest!

Me and my fiance soon to be husband would be super interested

I most certainly am interested and I’m sure others will be as well. :slight_smile:

Very interested in trying the games out

Sounds neat to me. Getting the power set up might take some doing, but it would be super fun to watch people’s bodies flail about as they fight cyberspace.

A bunch of drunk furries playing with lightsabers at 3am in the middle of the woods? I mean, holy crap, wasn’t this the future we all dreamed of? DO EEEETTT!!!

Also, and more seriously, if you need some staging or base support let me know. I’m local (Bend) and have a big garage. I’m also a techsmith with a lot of spare gear/connectors/cables/etc. Ping me if you need anything!

Sent you a message.

Getting the nitty gritty stuff ironed out now.
It will be in the Nevada camp, currently working on power requirements.

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