Mysterium - A Co-op Board game about being 1920s Mediums

Hey folks, I was thinking about getting together at least one big game of Mysterium. It’s an abstract game about interpreting some wild art chosen by the person playing the “ghost”

It’s a 7 person game, and if we top out, I can just help run it (which generally makes things go pretty smoothly) It’s about a 2 hour time commitment, probably in at least one afternoon (maybe more if we feel like it)

Anyone interested?

Sign ups?


I’ve only played Mysterium once before, but it was pretty cool. I’m up for it!

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I’m looking forward to this.

Yo!!! I love this game. I’d totally be down for a round.

I run the Bend Board Games meetup, and own that game! We play it all the time, and it’s fun, for sure. That said, I’ll try to show up for one of them, but as I play that game all the time, I need to figure out other events first.