No Ifs, Ands, or BUTTS!

Hey you lot! Last year we had a real problem with cigarette butts being tossed willy nilly about camp. This is a real problem - not just because littering is gross and uncool or damages our standing with the park service, but because it’s an AWFUL fire hazard. To this I say thee NAY! But what to be done?..

Why, trade, of course! Khajit has prizes if you have butts!

As long as supplies last, and provided I’m at my camp being a lazy catfox, you can pop by and trade me 10 butts for - wait for it - A REAL* DINOSAUR EGG.

EVERY egg is different, and contains funny little strangeties (some wearable! some playable! some shiny! some silly!) for your amusement and enjoyment. All you have to do is a.) pick up any butts you find, and/or b.) keep your own butts safely tucked away, and then c.) bring them to me! I’ll dispose of them, you get a prize… everybody wins!

So let’s work together to keep our butts off the ground!

(*May contain actual dinosaurs. Consumption of raw dinosaurs may pose health risks: always cook dinosaur eggs thoroughly. Do not actually attempt to eat dinosaur eggs or dinosaur egg contents. May pose choking hazard to children under 6 or adults with the mentality of a 6-year-old. Not responsible for any maulings from dinosaurs hatched from dinosaur eggs. Please dispose of or recycle all dinosaur eggs and contents in designated appropriate receptacles.)


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