Bone Dig Happening 2019

Furrassic Park is known as a fantastical place for dino enthusiasts to enjoy all manner of creatures but did you know that even though dinosaurs are walking the earth, they can still be found under it?

The Park, ever on the cutting edge, has erected a digsite where guests can come and help paleontologists unearth and assemble dinosaur skeletons. Professor Senoy or her peer Professor Curly will be supervising the dig.

Divided into teams, you must carefully assemble the entire skeleton unique to your digsite. Although the thrill of discovery in the name of science is it’s own reward - a trophy will be awarded to the fastest team to accurately assemble their skeleton.

We look forward to seeing you at the dig site!


Hello unpaid interns, I mean, guests of the Park, Professor Senoy here. Gosh this is embarrassing but I was doing a little night digging and there might have been some beverages involved and long story short, I might have dropped some personal items in the digsites. If you find something that doesn’t look like it was from the Cretaceous period while you are digging, could you please return them to me? I have some extra fossils here that I’ve turned into keychains that you can have if you didn’t mention this slight indiscretion to Park Security or my bosses at the Center for Furrassic Park Paleontological Research. Thanks for keeping this between us and I’ll see you soon.

                        --Prof. Sen
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