Oki's NO IPAs Beer Tasting (21+ only)

Come on down to Oki’s NO IPAs Beer Tasting! If you’re like me and you hate IPAs, this is the beer tasting for you! I will be featuring a selection of beers that I like ranging from blondes, ambers, wheats, lagers, stouts, porters, and fruit ales. Space will be limited for I am but a poor klee and good beer is expensive (but if you want to help me expand, I am welcome to guest beer donations and cash tips so I can provide more beer!).

When: Saturday, after dinner (likely 8 or 9pm-ish)
Where: The Happenings Hub (if this changes, it will be updated on the Happenings board on site!)
This happening will be similar to Fakeman’s Cider happening. While I can’t promise I’ll be as entertaining or as knowledgeable a host as Fakeman is, I can promise that you’ll leave this Happening with an expanded idea of how versatile beer can be.

Keep an eye on this thread! I’ll be making a list of the beers I intend to bring and figuring out how many I can serve later today (7/24).

Tasting List:

  • Well’s - Banana Bread Beer
  • Stickmen Brewing - Gaijin Dream Japanese Rice Lager
  • Wild Ride Brewing - Nut Crusher Peanut Butter Porter
  • 21st Amendment Brewing - Hell or High Watermelon
  • Mother Earth Brewing Company - Call Me Ginger
  • Golden Road - Mango Cart Wheat
  • Primus Micro Cervezeria & New Belgium Brewing - Agua Fresca Cerveza
  • Sam’l Smith Organic - Strawberry Fruit Ale
  • Backwoods Brewing Company - Imperial Maple Porter
  • New Belgium Brewing - Passionfruit Kolsch

Plus possible guest additions!

Seating and beer is limited! make sure you show up on time!

Sign Ups:

  1. Devin
  2. Fakeman
  3. Kuwa
  4. Nodnash
  5. Beauchamp
  6. Serefina
  7. Beansyboi
  8. Swift
  9. CodyHowl
  10. Blink
  11. Xepher
  12. Kalu
  13. Coyoli
  14. Geoyote15


I love this idea! I’m gonna keep my eyes out for a Czech Dark Lager in cans somewhere.

Ooh, I’d be interested. IPAs are my nemesis, and I don’t explore enough to go too much outside of my narrow preference. Could be a great way to discover some new interests!

Count me in! I can even bring some beer, if you want.

Assuming I can get my hands on them, my list that I want to share:
Lompoc LSD (American strong ale)
Ecliptic Tucana (tangerine sour)
Huyghe Delirium Tremens (pale)
Montavilla Brew Works Old Cowboy Town (altbier)

Trying to exclude my love for IPA’s?!?!?


Can I attend? :3

I’m definitely interested! I can even find a couple good beers to contribute to the pool too!

Yes, let’s! I wanna sip

I like IPA’s, don’t get me wrong, but what people have been doing with them, ugh… Sign me in and I’ll look for something nice to bring up!

Alright! I should be making an update to the main post in the coming week to start listing the beers I plan to showcase! Feel free to let me know what you want to bring for those that have offered and I’ll make a “Guest Tap List” as well!

I’m down to taste some beers. I might like one!

I’d love to join. I’m also local (Bend), so can bring/donate a several local brews as well. Let me know on that latter part.

First post has been updated! If you showed interested in this thread, I added you to the sign up list. I’m limiting reserved spots to 15 people. More are welcome to come, but be aware there may not be enough beer to go around!

I got a 6 pack of Pelican Kiwanda Cream Ale to share! Will there be cooler space for this, or should I get my own cooler going?

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Oh I like that one. May be best to get your own cooler going if you can! I have a fair size one but I also have a lot of beer to pack in it aside from my personal stuff.

Sign me up.

This sounds like a convenient way to learn what types of beers I like, since I don’t drink beer often. I do know that I don’t like IPAs. I’ve gotten a taste for sour stuff.

<3<3<3!! *signs up*

Merp Derp Sign me up if there’s still a spot for the Yoters ;>

I’ve got a few things to bring. If the seating is 15 people, I’ll try and bring enough for the whole class for at least two or maybe three additional (good and local) selections.

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