Oki's NO IPAs Beer Tasting (21+ only)

I’ve proposed this a couple of times in the telegram chat and it’s been warmly received so without further ado…

Come on down to Oki’s NO IPAs Beer Tasting! If you’re like me and you hate IPAs, this is the beer tasting for you! I will be featuring a selection of beers that I like ranging from blondes, ambers, wheats, lagers, stouts, porters, and fruit ales. Space will be limited for I am but a poor klee and good beer is expensive (but if you want to help me expand, I am welcome to tips so I can provide more beer!).

Time TBD, all I know is that I don’t want to hold it on the same day as Fakeman’s annual Cider Tasting because I fear the two of us will knock somebody out if we hold these on the same day (and I want to be there for cider). While I can’t promise I’ll be as entertaining or as knowledgeable a host as he is, I can promise that you’ll leave this Happening with an expanded idea of how versatile beer can be.

Keep an eye on this thread! I’ll be making a list of the beers I intend to bring and figuring out how many I can serve in the coming weeks.



I love this idea! I’m gonna keep my eyes out for a Czech Dark Lager in cans somewhere.

Ooh, I’d be interested. IPAs are my nemesis, and I don’t explore enough to go too much outside of my narrow preference. Could be a great way to discover some new interests!

Count me in! I can even bring some beer, if you want.

Assuming I can get my hands on them, my list that I want to share:
Lompoc LSD (American strong ale)
Ecliptic Tucana (tangerine sour)
Huyghe Delirium Tremens (pale)
Montavilla Brew Works Old Cowboy Town (altbier)

Trying to exclude my love for IPA’s?!?!?


Can I attend? :3

I’m definitely interested! I can even find a couple good beers to contribute to the pool too!

Yes, let’s! I wanna sip

I like IPA’s, don’t get me wrong, but what people have been doing with them, ugh… Sign me in and I’ll look for something nice to bring up!