Astrius Catfox's Bizarre Bazaar

I say! You there! Doctor Livingstone, I presume?

… no? A case of mistaken identity perhaps, but that shouldn’t stop you from perusing some of the ancient treasures that can be found at Camp Witch Trial, home of Astrius Catfox and the Bizarre Bazaar!

Why, there are trinkets and trifles from all across the map to be found, strange fossils from the back of someone’s closet or dug up from buried deep in the dust of their storage units. Perhaps you’ll find a true rarity, stones or petrified pieces of peculiar pterosaurs, foods and drinks from strange epochs, a sampling of odd bits and baubles from bygone eras!

What say you, time travelers? Care to stop by and have a Look-ocene?.. okay, that pun was a stretch. I daresay reaching more than an apatasaur! But don’t forget to bring a few findings of your own - archeologists don’t part with their treasures for nothing, though they might be willing to accept a few strange and wondrous snacks, doodads, and thingamajigs in exchange!

Saturday only for 3 whole hours - come and browse, trade, and haggle for the oddities found at Astrius Catfox’s Bizarre Bazaar!


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