Wine (cheap) and cheese (processed) tasting (consumption) at the archives!

Friday evening after dinner please join Morse and Cody at the Archives building for an informal wine and cheese gathering to savor the arts and writings present!
Only the best of processed snacks available from grocery outlet or trader joes will be served along with a selection of fine-ish wines and beers! This is likely to be going for much of the evening or until all the stuff’s been scarfed down, then it’s off to other things.


Love it! I can only see this as being a ton of fun.

Will you have servers in little bow ties walking around with hors d’ouevres and wine shooters? :smirk:

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Nope, just toothpicks and little solo cups! Maybe some store brand lemon lime soda to mix with the wine, too!

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Sounds like my kind of party, I’ll have a box in one hand and easy cheese in the other

Guess I’ll have to pack a bow tie now…


Critter, you’d be absolutely dashing in a bow tie. ^.~

make sure it’s held with velcro, clips might be too fancy!

Mmm… processed cheese products…

Yeah, found a pimento cheese spread that’s pretty good, too.