Tea Tasting at The Archives

Do you like tea?

Are you curious about what’s out there, beyond mass-market teabags and the stuff that comes pre-brewed in a bottle?

Join us Thursday, After Dinner at The Archives in Blue Camp.

(Bring a heat-resistant drinking vessel of some kind. Also, a chair might not be a bad idea—I don’t know how much seating will be available.)

With the help of @Senoy, I will be hosting a tasting of a few teas you might not have tried before, and I’ll be doing my best to talk about the world of loose leaf teas.

I’m far from an expert—I only really got into this a little over a year ago, but I’ve had a ton of fun trying various kinds of tea, and there’s a few I’m quite eager to share, because it’s still kind of amazing to me what kind of variety is possible without added flavorings. (There’s nothing wrong with enjoying Stash, Teavana, etc…, but there’s so much more out there. Come join us and find out!)

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