Can't make it to CFT this year? Let me bring a Flat Stanley version of you!

I had this idea when talking with Hawkfeather at BLFC last weekend - how fun would it be if we do a YCH-style cutout of people’s characters, and treat them like a Flat Stanley?

For those of you unaware, the Flat Stanley Project is a super cute thing a teacher came up with (based on the Flat Stanley books) where people make a little cut out friend, then send it out on adventures.

Since furries are SUPER good at playing and having fun with things like this, Flat Stanley versions of people’s characters (laminated for their safety, of course) seems like a natural way to include our regular campers in this year’s festivities. I’m envisioning a board with people’s characters affixed to it with velcro, where they can be checked out for adventures. While on the adventures, we can take pictures and send them to the person who’s missing camp, so they know they’re still being thought of and celebrated with. I can make sure to put their twitter/telegram/contact info on the back, for easy tagging.

As we get closer to camp, I’ll bump this thread asking for ref sheets for those folks that won’t be joining us again in August.

Attached: a Flat Stanley, for inspiration


This is the BEST idea. All of the best pictures with the folks who are unfortunately absent.

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