CFT Happenings Submissions

Hey, campers!

Campfiretails is about a month away and I’d love to hear ideas you may have for fun 90s themed, or otherwise, happenings!

So if you’d like to have your happening listed for others to see please reply to this post in the following format:

-Happening title-
-Happening description-
-Person hosting/running said happening-
-Preferred time(s) for happening-

As covid is still prevalent, please let us know if you have any covid restrictions/requirements when submitting your happening. We will do our best to put your happening where you’d like and adjust accordingly to meal times.

Additionally please let us know if you’re having a theme camp this year, so that we can plan accordingly, by replying to this post as well.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you’re ideas as well as you at camp this year! :slight_smile:


Title: Trading Card Show & Tell

Desc: Have old card binders laying around with some long lost gems? Dust it off and let’s revisit our collections! Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, Baseball, all genres welcome!

Host: Beauchamp

Time/Location: Saturday right after breakfast, probably at a picnic table near the kitchen or in green camp. I won’t be asking for masks, however folks are welcome to engage at whatever level they would like and I’ll do my best to accommodate. Will have hand sanitizer nearby as well!


Theme camp!

Hello friends!

As ambassadors from the ocean planet Halcyon, our mission is to promote the values of Neptunian culture: love, flow, and glow.

Our world is post-scarcity and post-human. Our habitats range from the benthic to the archipelagic. The oceanic Mindlink allows us to connect with each other, sharing our inner selves truly.
All beings who come in openness and kindness are welcome.

An aquatic-themed hangout space hosted by Starkatt, Vloelei, Arc, Lighty, Indi, Emanate, and Rowan. Our intended location is on the border between Red and Green camp, next to the Aid Tent. Expect a cool, shaded space, with inflatable lounge furniture and a table for chatting around. Relax underneath the waves and watch the kelp forest drift overhead. Add an (origami) fish, if you're so inclined!

Planned amenities:

  • Carpeting. Probably still dusty, but hopefully a lot less dusty.
  • Intimate seating and table space.
  • Downtempo tunes.
  • Calm oceanic illumination, when we’re not overwhelmed by the Day Star.
  • A cool sea breeze(!)

And the return of
:fox_face: :coffee: Fox Beans Coffee, a self-service hot coffee stand for the entire camp, brewed at least twice daily.

See you in the euphotic zone!


~Happening title~
Pizza Pups & Pins

~Happening description~
It’s a BYOP Party! x2 and a bonus round
That’s Bring Your Own Pizza Party (with Pin Trading)

Pack a frozen pizza and get it cooked in a 500C pizza oven.
That’s OVER 9000 degrees F (divided by 10) ~So Hot!~
Sprinkle fancy parmesan cheese from a green container. ~Elegant!~
And trade pins and stickers with your fellow campers. ~Much Wow!~

Bonus Round:
Fresh Pizza. In 2019 it was random and a huge hit, I couldn’t have done it without the amazing help I received. The plan is going to be, start cooking and shout out that there’s pizza. Come get a slice.

-Person hosting/running said happening-
Pup Gear & Lobito

~Preferred time(s) for happening~
Wednesday (camp is closed to general attendees) Setup Crew after we’ve setup camp, hosted at Dining Area Tables

Thursday Night after Dinner location TBD (may be the Red Camp
~Bonus Round~ Fresh Pizza at mystery time

Covid-19 Information
I won’t be asking for masks, campers are welcome to wear what they feel is best for themselves. I’ll have a bottle of hand sanitizer for the pin trading aspect of the happening. Individuals are encouraged to use it before handling pins/binders.


Make Your Mark: Stamp Creation
Our popular stamp-making happening will be making another appearance this year. Come prepared with a small design (approximately 2"x2" max) to make the best use of your time carving!

We have a cool tutorial which goes over the process in depth:

Morse the radical flapcat and DogChomp the freshest hellian houndian

Friday after noon slot before lunch is preferrable! after lunch is a runner up!

As covid is still prevalent, wear a mask because our tables aren’t set up for 6ft required distance between participants, and if you have it, bring some hand sanitizer!


-Happening title- [In-Cider Tasting - 21+] and [Out-Cider Tasting - 21+]
-Happening description- A Cider Tasting of local, national, and international cider that we all missed during the pandemic.
-Person hosting/running said happening- Fake
-Preferred time(s) for happening- After Dinner on Friday (preferably 2 separate tastings, each 1 hour long.)


i want a slot for this so badly, i miss sign ups every year ;o;

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Hello, hello! Maly here from both the Art Department and also Dragon Heights, here to fill you in on some fun happenings we have going for you this year!

General Campfire Tails Events

Thursday, Dinner: Theme Camp Introductions - Running a theme camp or an interactive art project? Step up and tell everyone about it in this informal little presentation during/after Closing Ceremonies. You’ve put so much work into your idea, we want to make sure everyone knows about it so they can enjoy it over the course of camp!

Thursday, After Sunset: Temple Opening - Meet us at the Temple, located in Red Camp. It’s a wooden structure surrounded by colorful flags. We’ll explain what the Temple is, what you can do with it, and what is going to happen to it at the end of the event.

Sunday, Late Afternoon: Memorial Hour - HOST NEEDED - Join us around the Temple and talk about who and what we’ve lost over the last two very sad years. This is the time for group tears and contemplation. Commiserate with people who understand the very real grief we’re all going through. Since not everyone has the emotional bandwidth to deal with discussions like this at the actual Temple burn, we’re making a space for people to share their feelings somewhere safe and sacred beforehand.

Dragon Heights Events

All Weekend: Dragon Heights is a real Burning Man camp! We travel to several events over the course of the summer, culminating with a week out in the Black Rock Desert for actual Burning Man at the end of August. Enjoy our space and our hospitality - if the open sign is up, you’re welcome to come spend time in our Mongolian yurt! Fursuits welcome! Some of our amenities:

  • Hookah (with personal mouthpiece tips, to keep it sanitary!)
  • Weird Art Books (Dragonology, Codex Seraphinianus, HR Gieger, etc)
  • Fidget Toys and Puzzles
  • Games (Cindr, Havoc and Hijinks, 1000 Blank White Cards…)
  • Marble Maze
  • Comfy Lounges
  • Flow Space (somewhere to practice poi or other flow arts - no fire please)
  • Charging Station (first come first served for power outlets, please be respectful)
  • Meet YOUR Dragon (don’t have a dragon OC yet? let us help!)

Thursday, Afternoon: Flat Friends - Maybe your friend wasn’t able to make it out to camp, that doesn’t mean you can’t have them here with you! We’ll have supplies available for you to make your own paper cutout of their character so you can tote them around for plenty of photo opportunities over the weekend. They’ll even be laminated - do you dare take them to the waterfall? Remember to grab reference sheets before you leave for camp!

Friday, Early Afternoon:Greedy Dragon Dice - Learn a fast-paced dice rolling game, and maybe even leave with a copy of your own! Dice required: 6x D6 (provided, or bring your own lucky ones)

Friday, Late Afternoon: - Cat Chat - Camping gets you out into a really neat wild place, but let’s all admit that we’re missing our stupid house gremlins. Cat Chat is a space for you to share pictures and stories about your precious kitties, both past and present. We will even be handing out a special piece of swag for you to bring home to your cat, because they always deserve worship and gifts.

Friday, Movie Time: Grey Skies Food Court - If you’ve been wanting to share a special treat with other folks from camp, we’re opening Grey Skies (the large structure next to our yurt) for you to set up and pass out goodies. Packaged food preferred, please follow safe food handling practices and have ingredient lists available for dietary concerns.

Saturday, Early Afternoon: Bead Animals - You remember them from the 90s, maybe you made them or maybe you want to learn how. Come pick out some brightly colored beads and create your own little bead pet souvenir to follow you back out to the default world once camp is over.

Saturday, Late Afternoon: POG Championship - It wouldn’t be a real 90s party without a game or two of POGs. Do you remember your house rules from forever ago? Should we make up new ones? Grab your slammers and your collection, let’s topple some stacks of milkcaps. Bring your old collection if you want to do some trading!

Midnight, Every Night: Cult of Dark Lunch - Some kind of grilled cheese food served by cultists in black robes. It wouldn’t be CFT without quesadillas for the Dark Lord! Donations accepted but not expected, money goes to Dragon Heights’ favorite charity! Eat cheese, help animals! Show up with a plate or something to receive a hot grilled food on - we won’t drop it straight onto your dirty paws!

1hr After Sunset - 2am: Movies Under the Stars - Dragon Heights has once again improved our giant movie screen, and it’s time to dip back in time to all our favorite 90s flicks. Check our sign board during the day to see what the nightly offerings are! We also have guest DJs who jump on the decks sometimes, and this will also be noted on the sign board as arrangements are made.

Covid Precautions: Masks encouraged inside the yurt, we will have high powered fans blowing in the yurt during the entire event to encourage fresh air flow. As we aren’t always 100% present in the yurt, we can’t commit to enforcing a 100% mask policy, nor do we honestly have the energy to fight with people over it after two years of belligerent bullshit. :frowning:


Trans folk meet & greet!

Just simply an opportunity to meet up for trans, nonbinary, intersex, two-spirit, gender-fluid, or any other gender non-conforming or questioning individuals! Make new friends, reforge relationships with old, trade experiences and foster community!

Host: Byrd

Time: Ideally early on in con, such as Friday after breakfast. No particular location at this time.

Covid info: Masks or social distancing as possible heavily suggested, but not required. If some level of social distancing is not a possibility depending on how many people show up and what venue we choose, we may switch to masks required.


“Look Ma! I’m Floppy!”

Create your own badge, but now on floppy disk!
Over the years I have accumulated plenty of blank floppy disks and now you can personalize your own! I’ll be providing most of the materials: lanyards, markers (Though you may want to bring your own), the actual factual proper 3 1/2" label, and of course, the floppy itself.
I’m going to me running this myself; CFT’s own Sand Cat: ButterBall
Time-wise: I’m still working on it, but the earlier the better. Maybe Thusday after dinner, maybe Friday after Breakfast? I’ll probably hang around for an hour around those times (Unless there’s something that really strikes my fancy). But, do not worry if you miss it. For I’ve plenty of supply! Come find me and I’ll be carrying badges just waiting to be made on my furson!
But where will I be? Where will such an event be taking place!? Why none other than my own Sand Cat Den! I generally set up in Green Camp, bordering on Red Camp, but look for the 12-man tent. I will try to have my own fold-out table set up outside to work on, and if I’m lucky a picnic table. And like I said before, don’t worry about missing out. Come find me and I will have supplies on-hand!

And now for the real talk. Please, please, please wear a mask. Keep your friends safe as much as possible. There’s not going to be much room in my area and a 6ft distance will simply not be possible. Please consider the safety and comfort of your fellow campers.

And for a loose visual representation of what we’ll be making:


-Happening title- The Great Cocktail Mixoff

-Happening description - 3 Teams will compete for the best cocktail for each of three mystery ingredients. 3 judges will score the cocktails. Spectators will cheer on their favorite team.

-Person hosting/running said happening- Fake

-Preferred time(s) for happening- Saturday Afternoon, Before dinner sometime


I volunteer to judge :laughing:

Hey, all!

Thank you for all of your submissions so far and to those who have yet to do so I wanted let y’all know that the deadline to get your happening or theme camp printed on the handout, cause there will be one X3, will be August 3rd.

For anyone that doesn’t get their submission in by the 3rd you’re still free to send one in and it will be added to the happenings board at camp.

Just a few more weeks and we’ll be there!

Your happenings snow fox,

Xander :slight_smile:


Theme Camp: Skeletune Studio

Do you play an instrument? Bring it! Come jam with us in this musically inclined theme camp!

Skeletune Studio aims to have loose, relaxed jam sessions with anyone who’s interested, and all skill levels are welcome. We have a stack of “fake books” to help guide us through something more structured, or maybe we’ll improvise a new tune!

Sessions will be unscheduled and spontaneous. If you wanna jam but no one’s home, come find one of us hosts and let us know! However, you do NOT have permission to enter the space if none of us are around. Please respect this!

We will be bringing a generator, an amp, a couple guitars, a ukulele, and an electric drum kit, so acoustic as well as electric instruments are encouraged! Don’t play anything? That’s fine too! Pull up a chair and chill with us. Will be located in Red Camp and… Hard to miss :wink:

Regarding Covid: We ask kindly that if you enter the studio, you wear a mask. I will be enforcing this, and will even have disposable masks on hand for those that need one. You may also choose to enjoy our theme camp 5ft or more from the entrance without a mask.

Hosts: Spoosty, Ysgramir, Retro


Happening Title: The Swap Box!
Happening description: Take something, leave something! This year I’d like to have two boxes set up around camp. 90s & furry-related items like prints, art pieces, con swag, etc. are highly encouraged, but you can bring anything you’d like to trade.
Not sure yet what the locations will be - do we have a map for this year yet?
Person hosting/running said happening: Jovian / yeendream!
Preferred time(s) for happening: The boxes will be set up most likely Friday night when I arrive, and taken down on Sunday morning before I leave. They will remain active at all hours.

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  • Business Meeting

  • At the waterfall, or elsewhere very nearby, people in second-hand business suits or other business attire will collectively sit down in the river and discern how we will amplify 3rd quarter profits to appease the board of directors and promote synergistic solutions to our unnecessarily ambiguous business. This is an all-hands-on-deck meeting where nothing is off the table. We NEED everyone to think outside the box. I want to hear a lot of, “yes, and…”. I will provide an easel, paper, and markers to anyone that wants to take a moment to direct the meeting. There will be donuts. They may be soggy,

  • Riley is kinda running it, but it’s a freeform meeting by nature.

  • If available, schedule for a warm portion of a day when other events aren’t happening.

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Therian/Otherkin Meet & Greet

@ the Neptunian Embassy, Friday, late afternoon before dinner
Host: Vloelei

Are you Therian, Otherkin, or any other nonhuman identity? Come meet and hang out with other critters & creatures at the Neptunian Embassy as we seek refuge from the desert sun! See you soon, ya filthy animals!

(I was going to edit this into the main Neptunian Embassy post, but the forum won’t let me so here it is.)


Theme Camp: Moth Garden

Hosts: Azlo & oCe

Location: Red Camp

Description: The Moth Garden features a screened gazebo with cushioned floor seating for 10-12 people, and an outdoor area and sound system for scheduled (and ocasionally spontaneous) dance parties. Aside from our scheduled happenings, we may also host spontaneous happenings throughout the day. Whenever our “Open” sign is up, you’re welcome to come in! (But please respect the “Closed” sign as well.)

Spontaneous happenings may include art jams in the gazebo (we can toggle between blacklight and white light), assorted board game sessions, playing our favorite music from the 90s and beyond, and bring-your-own flow toy gatherings.

Covid safety: Our lounge is a masks on, shoes off space, and we ask that you please use hand sanitizer before handling the shared art supplies or games.


Event: Blacklight Art Jam

Hosts: Azlo & oCe

Time: Friday, 10pm to at least Midnight, probably later. We may also be open other nights for blacklight art jamming on a spontaneous/drop-in basis.

Location: Moth Garden gazebo lounge in Red Camp

Description: Personalize a paper moth to hang in our blacklight garden, or create whatever you feel like! All skill levels are welcome. We supply the blacklight, fluorescent markers, paper moths, coloring pages, and plenty of blank paper, but you are invited to bring your own art supplies as well. Our screened lounge is a masks on, shoes off space, and neon attire is very much encouraged. We also ask that you sanitize your hands before handling our shared art supplies. <3


Event: House Cats Dance Party

Hosts: Azlo & oCe

Time: Fri/Sat/Sun, 11pm until ???. Additional times whenever else we feel like it. ;3

Location: Moth Garden dance area in Red Camp

Description: Dance to a mix of progressive/deep/dark/funky/booty/tech house, including 90s remixes and classic house-inspired sounds, plus whatever else we feel like playing! Glow toys and costumes welcome, masks & distancing optional but encouraged.


Happening: Ladder Ball Tournament
Description: As the title states, it’s a ladder ball tournament! Join one of the only arctic dwelling species brave enough to join y’all for a fun tournament of ladder ball! If you’ve never played then now is the time to learn! So bring a partner to play or if there’s not enough people we can have a 1 on 1 tournament style instead!
Host: Xander Frost :smiley:
Time/Location: Time will be some time after lunch and before dinner on Friday, and Saturday if needed, close to kitchen/ green camp.

I will have sign-ups available and will make an announcement Thursday evening sometime before or after Closing Ceremonies! Also there will be a neat prize for the winner(s)!

A final note: I will have the game available to play for those who would like to play but not participate in the tournament, or if you’d just like to practice for the tournament before paw. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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HOLY HECK I’m game enough for this. Count me in.