CFT Happenings Submissions

Step back into the 90’s with the help of
The Costume Closet!

The Costume Closet is a trading post of 90s era clothing and accessories, brought to life by Viewers Like You! It will be located within or adjacent to Dragon Heights, and refreshed throughout the weekend by Crashheart and Boxy. You are welcome to take anything that catches your eye, and to donate your unwanted pieces. It will be running all weekend (assuming we can keep enough items on the racks)

Speaking of, the Costume Closet need your donations! Do you have some vintage clothing or other excellent 90s era accessories you’d like to share? Maybe it doesnt fit you anymore, or you haven’t worn it since the 90s- if it would make someones CFT weekend positively radical, bring it with you! Or maybe you find something amazing on your pre-CFT Goodwill/thrift store adventures that’s too good to pass up, consider snagging it for the Costume Closet! It could be worth it to help make someone’s camp weekend that much more incredible. If enough people even bring one donation, we will have a wonderful selection of things to swap, customize and live it up in for the weekend!

We can’t do this without you, and thank you for your donations! -Crash :3


decorating moths sounds so cute!

Design Your Own Slap Bracelet

I am bringing a bunch blank white slap bracelets, and some art supplies. Come down and decorate your own! These will be available while the theme camp space is open. Supplies are limited (about 100)!

(These are not /good/ bracelets, but they were cheap, and should make for cool swag during the con at the very least!)

Location: Neptunian Embassy

Time: Ongoing

Host: Anyone who’s part of the theme camp.


I dont think it’s really a happening, but i might as well put it here so people won’t be as confused about it as last time

-Red Crown Beer and Refreshments-

-Located on the edge of Red and Green camps there will be two coolers for everyone to enjoy! Blue cooler will be stocked with Pabst and Montucky, the red cooler will be stocked with water bottles. Extra cans and water bottles will be located next to the coolers and I’d be ever so grateful if you replaced whichever you took, so there’s a cold one for whoever comes after you! The refill cans of beer will be put next to the blue cooler on a limited supply, as to avoid any over indulgence. Keep an eye out for the big “COLD BEER” flag and the Red Crown!-

-Nodnash will be dropping by the coolers every so often to make sure the coolers are drained of excess water, to chat with all your pretty faces, and to keep them full of ice and refreshments!-

-These will be available 24/7! Of course, all refreshments found in these coolers are free for all to enjoy, given you’re 21 or older for the beer. Please be considerate of other campers and only take one beverage at a time.-