2019 Volunteer Sign-ups!

Yo, put me down for setup and tear down and sketchy as duck wood hauling. Also shout me details on just what your meaning about needing help hauling wood. I’m pretty sure we can get 600lbs or so of wood in rust princess,. But then again the floors are pretty damn Rusty… Like watch the road go buy from the drivers seat level rusty. Not that I’m that greatly concerned, but could cause confusion and delay.

I have six color changing motion detector bathroom lights they only work in the dark. They are bright enough to see the light during the day ( no more switches in the bathrooms)

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Yeah, I’ll be there for setup definitely and takedown I think. Last year was great.

Edit: couldn’t get the time off and I’m no longer able to attend AAAAAAA

But there’s always next year. Bummed I don’t get to be apart of all the yummy food, I’m really missing that chicken satay

I’d like to get in on those 2nd and 3rd Sunday kitchen shifts if they’re not already taken!

It looks like I’m being Blocked from entering the sight Crazyjoe1952

Plus I’ll be bringing the usual the Ice Box and on demand heater plus all tools also Please look in to, me being blocked and I have tried for monts to get in and it’s a no go every time plus it keeps asking me for my ID and address all the time plus when I hit the enter butten it keeps telling me it’s wrong. Plus I was told by some that I was gonna be a no show last year.

Hey Joe! It sounds like you’re having some trouble. @Koinu will be reaching out to you to help you through any issues with the site you might be having. Thanks!

I’d love to help out in the kitchens again! I can take 2nd shift Saturday and 1st shift Monday.

Can I also get in on doing set-up, if that’s okay?

I’ll do setup and tear down for sure!

Sign me up for setup please! I will be driving my pickup truck so I will be helpful in that aspect as well ^.^


I’ll be coming up with CrazyJoe. First time attendee.Be more than glad to help out.
I’m guessing we’ll be there for set up.

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I will volunteer for Monday Breakfast with @beancat. I would like to apply for a Gofur shift Sunday Morning :slight_smile:

Yes, Kitchen Sunday 1st shift with Trippcat sounds good, and I can also take the Friday PM Gofur #2 spot.

I’ll take Saturday 3rd shift and Morning Monday if that’s alright. Kitchen that is :wink:

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Bad news :frowning:
I’m not going to be able to attend this year, so I won’t be able to help with the things I signed up for. Sorry!

Oh hey, it’s the skunk. I am available for setup and takedown as well as information related to such. I will be on site Wednesday afternoon with lots of tools and HAMMERS and 80’s hair metal

Nothing better then getting hammered with skunkbutt

Hi Polybun, I just wanted to clarify for you (and anyone else reading this) that partying is frowned on until all of setup is completed. We have so many people helping out with it this year that it should be done in short order, but I wanted to put it out there that we should all reserve ourselves until it’s time to relax :slight_smile: