2015 Volunteer Sign-Up

Hello everyone! My name is Favlaud, and I’ll be handling volunteer registration and/or wrangling this year!

For those of you unfamiliar with the way the system works (and there have been some changes recently), I hope this thread and the ones linked herein can give you a better idea of what volunteering for CFT brings. Of course, if there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me either here in PM, or at favlaud@campfiretails.com

I want to make sure that everyone willing to volunteer their time and energy gets what they hope for out of it while helping out a great cause for all attendees. Positions will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and I’ll be updating this thread regularly as people claim shifts and jobs.

Please keep in mind that you need to already be registered to be able to volunteer!

With that in mind, here are the categories where people can help out!

Volunteer coordinator = me!
These people will be on-call for whatever help is needed around with hosts, happenings, and construction. A truly essential job for those interested!
9-12 AM

  1. Tyco
  2. Xander
    12-3 PM

3-6 PM

Construction manager = MoparSkunk
Construction crews to help set up the facilities for the convention are absolutely vital, and often understaffed! If you have the physical ability to lift, carry, and go wherever needs help the most, this spot’s for you! Requirements are to be at camp as early as noon on Wednesday, July 29, and no later than 2PM!

  1. darthbear72
  2. coteaz8
  3. Xander
  4. Yobert345
  5. Keenan
  6. Kiyda
  7. Nogohoho

Coordinator = MoparSkunk
The opposite, of course, of setup! These people are the ones making sure everyone gets home on time and everything’s put away snugly for next year. The required times are Monday morning, August 3, and a second time on Tuesday morning, August 4.

  1. Crankycoyote
  2. Kiyda
  3. Nogohoho
  4. Dru_Aderson


  1. Keenan

Coordinator = Koinu
These are the people that get to meet everyone! Help direct cars in the parking lot, point people to the check-in booth, and make people feel welcome! People generally arrive on Thursday morning/afternoon, and need direction for everything to work smoothly.

  1. Kiyda

Registration manager = Koinu
Help out people to get registered, check ID’s, and be the bearer of reg goodies!

Coordinator = Beauchamp
These are the people that help let people know when events are going on and where, help setup and take-down if necessary, run supplies, and generally be extremely helpful to those hosting events!

Chef de cuisine = X_panther
Sous chef = Lutra
This is arguably the biggest and most important continually on-going work that happens in the whole camp: making sure everyone is fed! If you have an Oregon food handling certification (they can be acquired online for as little as $10) and can commit to prep-cooking-cleanup for an entire meal shift, we would love to have your help!
The menu thread can be found here: Menu CFT2015 - SpaceFood

Thursday 7/30

  1. coteaz8
  2. Pe_Low

Friday 7/31

  1. Critter
  2. Crankycoyote


  1. Lutra Mustil
  2. Pe_Low


  1. coteaz8
  2. Pe_Low
  3. Dru_Aderson

Saturday 8/1

  1. Critter
  2. Yobert345


  1. Crankycoyote
  2. Pe_Low


  1. Pe_Low
  2. Dru_Aderson

Sunday 8/2

  1. Critter
  2. Yobert345


  1. Pe_Low
  2. Kiyda
  3. Nogohoho
  4. Pe_Low
  5. Dru_Aderson

Monday 8/3

  1. Critter
  2. Pe_Low (possibly)

Finally, why would you volunteer (besides being awesome and helping from your kindness)? Volunteer credits! Please take a look at @koinu ‘s post regarding rewards and benefits for your time, seen here:

I’ll be keeping a tally of who does what jobs and to what completion in the interest of everyone getting the rewards they’ve earned. And please include a contact number with your application message!

Let’s have fun!

I wouldn’t mind helping out with construction needs, and working in the kitchen for lunch and/or dinner :smile:

Thank you so much! I put you down for construction and two meal shifts, but you’re always welcome to take on more or change the times/dates if you like!

Is there a thursday breakfast and lunch kitchen shift? The menu doesn’t start until Thursday dinner.

The event doesn’t officially begin until noon on Thursday.

There isn’t an official breakfast or lunch that day, but we usually have something simple prepared to keep the handful of people there at that time from starving to death. :slight_smile:

Thank you, that’s a better way of putting it :relaxed: We don’t want anyone to starve to death!

I could take a spot on Friday breakfast, Saturday lunch, and breakdown on Sunday/Monday.

I already posted in another thread but I wouldn’t mind helping with set up and such. I like helping out here and there, sort of like an on call kind of deal.

I’ll also throw my name in the hat as a “call if you need more help” kind of person. I may also formally volunteer for a shift of something, but I’m currently still deciding how that fits in with my group’s plans.
I should be relatively easy to get in touch with at camp; I’ll have a ham radio which is also capable of interoperating with FRS (but sadly not the XRS radios that the staff uses). Anyone who has a ham radio or an FRS radio should be able to get in touch with me; I’ll leave a list of frequencies I intend to monitor with your staff.

Xander and Tyco, I added you both. And thank you, Koinu!

Hello! Sign me up for lunches and dinners (I will let you know what day and hopefully time of when I will be arriving!) I will be getting a ride… But if I do come early enough I would love to help with set up and such!

I will be arriving sometime Wednesday- then leaving sometime Monday. ^.^

Thanks for the specifics, I added you to the kitchen crew on those days and shifts. Let me know if anything changes, and thanks!

My mate, and I would like to volunteer for Saturday, and Sunday breakfast. As well as any other breakfasts that will need us n…n

She’s Kisu, and I’m Digger Skunkbear (Cinaed Whitebear from a couple years ago)

I can also offer assistance with construction on Thursday morning.

I can help setup, and I can help a bit with teardown, but I’m prooobably not gonna wanna do a whole lot Sunday afternoon. XD I can def help Monday tho, and Tuesday if you guys need any help then.

Kisu would like to help with registration if she may.

Of course she may! I’ll sign you both up for the stuff you’d like. Same with you, Keenan! Are you all registered for the convention yet? You should be!