Menu CFT2015 - SpaceFood

Attention ladies, gentlemen, and smizmars:

The following is the Mostly Final Menu for the campout. YAY! I do realize some of the food is the same as the previous years, BUT you guys liked it so much (and demanded it several times through the years up til now) I figured a repeat performance was in order. Besides, how many times a year do you get this caliber of food from a campout? :3

When I say Mostly final, I mean I could change my mind the night before the meal is served. >:3 Cause I can do that, though I do make a good habit of letting everyone know of the changes.

Meal times are roughly

10am Breakfast

2pm Lunch

5:30pm Dinner (Target - No later than 6:30pm)

If you have any questions or comments on the menu, be nice <3 and I’ll try not to make you sick <3

Menu CFT 2015 – Space Camp

Meatless Alternatives are in parenthesis () and are only available to those that have registered as a vegetarian :3

Thursday Dinner

-German Potato Salad

-Brats on a Bun (Veggie Burgers with Red Wine reduction)

Friday Breakfast


-Seven Grain Hot Breakfast



-cold cereal

Friday Lunch


  • Xander’s Zesty Mac 'n Cheese


-PBJ or coldcut sandwich

Friday Dinner

-Cobb Salad

-Loaded Baked Potato

-Veggie Chile

Saturday Breakfast


-Buckwheat Pancakes (Faster cooking this year!)


-cold cereal

Saturday Lunch


  • Chevon Gyro w/ Hand Made Hummus (Mushroom Medley Gyro)


-PBJ or coldcut

Saturday Dinner (CFT Favorite)

-Spinach and Red Leaf Salad

-Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce (Veggie-Wraps)

-Lime Rice

Sunday Breakfast


-Chorizo and Egg Burritos (Soyrizo and Egg Burritos)


-cold cereal

Sunday Lunch


  • Hawkfeathers Modified Flautas (Black Bean Flautas)


-PBJ or Coldcut sandwich

Sunday Dinner

  • Baby Greens

  • Bourbon Chicken Parcel (Mujaddara Arabic Lentil Rice )

  • Pickled Veggie Slaw

Sunday Cake Social

Monday Breakfast

–Free for all Breakfast Burritos
[whatever is left in the kitchen!] (ditto!)

ALSO! I still need volunteers to help in the kitchen! If you really wanna eat, then help me out! x.X or you make pamfurs cry ;.;

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I’d be happy to volunteer for a shift or two. Is there a signup process or spreadsheet or something? Apologies for the ignorance, this’ll be my first time attending.

Hi Cranky! In the next week or so, @favlaud will be ready to post volunteering info. Feel free to send him a PM in the meantime!

Looks fantastic as always. :3

Are you guys putting a pig in the ground this year?

We do goat gyros now!

If I can make it this year I def want to work in the kitchen again. :3 I’m just not sure yet. (I’m aiming for next year if nothing else.)

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Hey, I’m helping out the volunteers this year, so if you’d like to help out again, just let me know what slots you want! We’d be happy to have your help again

@Sparky If you can make it, We’d be very happy to have you back with us in the Kitchen Sparky! We miss you <3

I moved a post to an existing topic: 2015 Volunteer Sign-Up

I moved a post to an existing topic: 2015 Volunteer Sign-Up


Signing up for the kitchen goes in the 2015 Volunteer Sign-Up thread, not here!

Sorry bout that, I’m new to the forum, and my phone’s bein all silly >…<

Question for registration regarding food.
I registered as part of the extended registration, and was not exactly given an option for choosing the vegetarian meal option.
I sent an e-mail to a few moments ago, but thought that it might be easier for you overworked staff to deal with it here.
Is there a way to get myself added to the list of vegetarians? Or are there other options for me?
Any help is hugely appreciated.

@RufusRyan When it comes to vegetarian food, just let us know when you come up in line and we will hook you up!

You are super awesome. Thank you so much. They menu looks amazing, and I’m very excited.
Next year I promise to register before the deadline.
Thanks again.