So a general topic on being a volunteer…

Pulsifer and I can probably volunteer but we don’t know between what times volunteers need to arrive on Wednesday? (Sorry if this has been mentioned already,) It’s an 8+ hour drive so if its early, we have to leave like, obscenely early. :wink:

I’m wondering the same thing i know a sub-forum will be posted on the 19th but its a four hour drive for me


i found this

As copper scales said, tomorrow morning I’ll be putting our volunteer forum live that covers regulations, a volunteer check-in and a job listing that volunteers can pick from(including times the volunteer has to be present onsite).

Isn’t the volunteer forum going to be visible only to volunteers though? I wanted to know the arrival time before I became a volunteer, that’s why I asked in advance.

Open to the public!

Okay. :slight_smile: So we have a little bit of time still to decide if we want to volunteer, I hope.

The insomniacs are awaiting the volunteer forum