Volunteer job listings

If you have already volunteered, pick a job and shout out below! If you have not volunteered and wish to do so, please send me a PM and we’ll add you to the list!

Currently, we have a number of jobs open for all days and hours. Please reply with what jobs and hours you’d like. Keep in mind that if you donate a total of 24 hours of your time to the cause, next year you will receive an automatic 20$ discount off your registration(not valid with any other discounts)! Please note that if you do not voluntarily pick a role to perform, we will pick one for you! There are multiple jobs that can be claimed by one person per job. Just keep track of your own ability to work and try not to intersect other roles too much, and if more than one volunteer signs up for the same slot, the obvious solution is a fight to the death. Or first come first serve. Your call.

[size=14pt]Jobs: [/size]

[size=12pt]Setup day: Wednesday 12pm - Thursday 12pm[/size]

General land Cleanup

This is the first priority when we arrive onsite at approximately 3pm. We have two rakes and a single shovel currently. There are many large areas completely covered in pine needles and pinecones that need to be swept clear. Additionally, we need to break down two stone fire rings, and dig one fire pit 3 feet wide, 5 feet accross, and 2 feet deep. Additionally, we will need assistance unloading firewood. We need 2 volunteers working 6 hours each for this job

General land cleanup: 3pm - 6pm Wednesday

volunteer #1: Copper Scales

volunteer #2: Riley

Build detail:

You have to (as areas are cleared) set up:

two 25’x25’ teepees
three 10’x10’ canopies
one 25’x35’ Pavilion

Immediately following, there are 8 extremely heavy picnic tables that need to be relocated to their respective locations after carefully marking their location on a copy of the campsite map, along with trashcans and bags. Additionally, four showering tents have to be assembled with their kit and solar shower bags, as well as the handwashing station and outdoor kitchen, followed by the con check-in area, and general help with setting up tents. We need 4 volunteers working with staff 4 hours to accomplish this.

Build Detail: 6pm-10pm

Volunteer #1: Psychill

Volunteer #2: Pixelito

Volunteer #3: Copper Scales

Volunteer #4: Mara-San

Happening setup assistance:

We need someone working in coordination with staff to mark out spaces for certain Happenings, as well as assist with initial setup, to work with a staff member to set up electricity, the PA system, refrigeration and lighting around the campsite. We need 1 volunteer working 2 hours to do this.

Happening Setup Assistance: 5pm-8pm

Volunteer: Raven

Grocery Detail:

When we arrive onsite, our chef(x_panther) will need one assistant to make a run to Bend with him to pick up groceries for the event. There are several stores to hit over the course of the day, and help with both navigating and picking out items in store from a shopping list will be vital. We need one volunteer working 4 hours to do this.

Grocery Detail: 12pm-4pm

Volunteer: Boxy

Following this, once x_panther is back, we’ll start making food, and after all is set up, we’ll do a little something special just for you volunteers :slight_smile:

[size=12pt]Opening day: Thursday[/size]

If you are a volunteer and planning to drive to the site on this day, your check-in is 10am

Campsite Greeter

Your job will be to stay protected from the sun as best you can and greet vehicles that drive up. You’ll take the names of attendees and pass them onto check-in via walkie talkie and direct the driver to temporary parking. This job is for one person and will run for approximately 8 hours. You will have food brought to you.

Campsite Greeter: 12pm - 8pm

Volunteer: Riley

CFT Check-in

Your job will be to sit at the camper check-in point and verify the ID of attendees with a master list, refer them to Koinu to have their picture taken and badge label printed, hand out shwag, bags, tshirts and tags and direct them to an area to drop off their gear. This job is for one person and will run for approximately 8 hours. You will have food brought to you.

CFT Check-in: 12pm - 8pm

Volunteer: Mara-San

Parking Assistance

Your job will be to stand on-call helping the CFT Check-in until a vehicle’s owner and passengers are unloaded and registered, in which you will walk them on a driving path through the site to long term parking in the back. You will have a walkie-talkie to stay in contact with check-in at all times.

Parking Assistance: 12pm - 8pm

Volunteer: Pixelito

[size=12pt]General Duties(Thursday Through Monday)[/size]

Grounds Maintenance

Your job will be to roam the property and remove any debris(empty containers, trash, cigarette butts, etc) on the ground and relocate them to trashcans. When the trashcan is full, you will bring the bag to the dumpster and refill the empty can with a fresh bag. At the end of the evening, you will empty all trashcans and rinse them with water, and stack them beside the dumpster. Additionally, if you find misplaced personal belongings sitting on the ground and obviously unattended(car keys, cellphone, camera, etc)bring it to Con Ops immediately. This job is part time for three volunteers working in four hour shifts each.

Grounds Maintenance: 10am - 10pm Thursday through Monday

Volunteer #1 (10am - 2pm): Thursday: Mayhew Friday: Mayhew Saturday: Mara-San Sunday: Monday:

Volunteer #2 (2pm - 6pm): Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Monday:

Volunteer #3 (6pm - 10pm): Thursday: Mayhew Friday: Saturday: Sunday:

Kitchen Service

Your job will be to assist with serving food and spending an hour or two after each mealtime helping staff clean cooking utensils, dishes, and sanitizing preparation surfaces. This job is part time for Three volunteers, one per meal. Timetables are approximate. A valid Oregon food service card is required.

Kitchen Service: 8am-8pm Thursday through Monday

Volunteer #1 (8am - 10am): Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Monday:

Volunteer #2 (11am - 1pm): Thursday: Maowing Fox Friday: Maowing Fox Saturday: Maowing Fox Sunday:

Volunteer #3 (4pm-7pm): Thursday: Friday: Riley Saturday: Riley Sunday:

Public Safety Volunteer

Your job will be working in 6 hour shifts over a 24 hour period in tandem with our Public Safety lead. Your job will not be one of jurisdiction or issue resolution, but to simply observe, and report activities in the Long Term Parking Area, Sandbox, Mess Hall, and general areas(sans tents/private areas). You will have a walkie talkie on hand at all times and will alert the lead of Public Safety of any violations of the Code of Conduct. This job is for three volunteers. We encourage you to have a valid guard card, or prior experience, including a knowledge of public policy is appreciated.

Public Safety Volunteer: 24 hours a day Thursday through Monday

Volunteer #1 (8am - 2pm): Thursday: Friday: DonkeyOatie Saturday: DonkeyOatie Sunday: DonkeyOatie Monday: DonkeyOatie

Volunteer #2 (12pm - 6pm): Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Monday:

Volunteer #3 (6pm - 12am): Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday:

General Gopher

Your job is one of availability. In a 12 hour period, if any one facet of volunteers is falling behind in any way, you may be called upon to assist on orders from staff, from people fetching to mild physical labor. Anyone who does not have a role to play in any other position may volunteer for this. We will need two volunteers to be on stand-by between 8am and 8pm, working in 6 hour shifts. You will have a walkie talkie on hand at all times during your shift and will keep yourself in a reasonably close distance to be available to help within the campsite at a moment’s notice.

General Gopher: 8am-8pm Thursday through Monday

Volunteer #1 (8am - 2pm): Thursday: Friday: Psychill Saturday: Psychill Sunday: Boxy Monday: Boxy

Volunteer #2 (2pm - 8pm): Thursday: Boxy Friday: Mara-San Saturday: Pixelito Sunday: Boxy

[size=12pt]Last Day: Monday 8am - Tuesday 3pm[/size]

Packing Assistant

Your job, on the last day for regular attendees is to help attendees break down their tents and help carry gear to their cars as they ask for it. This job is for two volunteers, working for 4 hours, supervised by Public Safety Staff.

Packing Assistant: 10am-2pm Monday

Volunteer #1: Pixelito
Volunteer #2: Copper Scales

General Breakdown

Your job, on the last day, is to assist staff with breaking down the pavilions, tents and teepees and helping with repacking and loading gear onto the truck. You will also help with general reload of materials, including showers, trashcans(after 6pm), putting out fires and afterwards, helping with land rehabilitation. This job is for four people and will take approximately 6 hours to execute.

General Breakdown: 12pm-6pm Monday

Volunteer #1:
Volunteer #2: Copper Scales
Volunteer #3: Riley
Volunteer #4:

Land Rehabilitation

Your job is to undo the work the build detail volunteers and staff did. You will need to relocate the picnic tables to their respective places marked on a copy of the campsite map, rebuild the broken down fire rings, and just before departure on Tuesday, do a final walkaround to pick up any missed trash. This job will take four people and approximately 2 hours to execute.

Land Rehabilitation: 12pm - 2pm Tuesday

Volunteer #1: Psychill
Volunteer #2: Pixelito
Volunteer #3: Copper Scales
Volunteer #4: Mara-San

And once we’re cleaned up and squared away, on Monday night we’ll have a special little party just for the volunteers who decided to stick around. :slight_smile:

Yay first pick! I’d like to volunteer for:

 Build detail (6-10 Wednesday)

 General Gopher (8am-2pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

 General Breakdown (12pm-6pm Monday)

 Land Rehabilitation (12pm - 2pm Tuesday)

 4+12+6+2= 24 hours

However, if you still come up short a few volunteers, I’d be willing to do more. Just let me know ;D

Build detail [4]
Parking assist [8] (first day)
General gopher, Saturday [6]
Parking assist [4] (last day)
Land rehab [2]



I’m willing to do any extra stuff that comes up while we are there, as well :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to help out however I can, I can help out with the setup on Wednesday (after 5 cause I have to work Wednesday but work is in La Pine.) and the Cleanup on Monday any time. However, I will have my doggies with me, maybe not on Wednesday and they may go home early Monday (or earlier if they are causing problems but I don’t think they will). They will have their crates so if I need a place to put them during the camp for a bit they like to be in them, I just don’t want to stick them in there all day while I go do other things.

I’d like to volunteer for
general land Cleanup 6
Build detail 4
land rehabilition 2
general breakdown 6
packing assistant 2

6+4+2+6+2 = 20
a bit short let me know if you need anything else

PS i can bring an extra shovel
also i took this as implied but we can setup our tents and spent the night on Wednesday, can’t we?

i can volenteer for the grocery detail with x, i live in bend (well redmond, but i know my way around bend, lived there for almost 7 of the last 8 years). so i dont mind helping :smiley:

I will probably be working bartender for most of the con, so I think that equals out to 24 hours. :smiley: If not, I can do trash detail here and there to round it out.


i could volunteer for happening setup assistance but i thought it would be best not to triple book my time

I volunteer for whatever job you give me… I will be joining Pix Wednesday afternoon to help set up, so I’m open to doing pretty much anything :3

for those that are wanting to volunteer for kitchen duty but do not have an Oregon Food Handlers Card, you can get one here http://www.orfoodhandlers.com/ it is a legitimate site. you will have to be able to pass their test and pay a 10$ fee, BUT you will be registered to handle food throughout oregon! if you volunteer in the kitchen you MUST bring a duplicate copy of your card with you to the campout in order to help in food preparation for our records. :3

I’ve updated the list for those who’ve volunteered for jobs. Take a look and let me know of corrections. Also, Mara, let me know if you find the jobs I picked for you to be agreeable.

Is it OK to volunteer for less than 24 hours? I would like to volunteer for Grounds Maintenance as needed.

Any help is appreciated, regardless of hours! The only thing about ‘24’ is that if you put in 24 hours, next year you get special discounts towards registration for next year’s CFT as outlined in our volunteer policies.

I will keep you in mind, Summer, if nobody else grabs those times!

Depending on what time I show up I am more then happy too be a greeter from when I show up and stake my area until the end

Let me know for sure! Can’t secure roles unless you’ll be there to do it!

i can also be a gopher on thursday night, sunday morning and night, and monday morning. so that and the grocery detailshould look like this:

grocery detail: 4
thursday gopher: 6
sunday gopher: 12
monday gopher: 6

total: 28 hours total

I will be on site on setup day as I will be bringing the trailer with a bunch of the camp stuff. Obviously I am willing to help setup and probably tear down, but I don’t wish to put my name down for any volunteer hours. If I see anyone in need of help, I will pitch in.

My email is fox@demonfox.net if you need to reach me for any reason.


I’m up for General land cleanup: Monday 3pm - 9pm Wednesday - 6 hours
I’m down for General Breakdown: 12pm-6pm Monday - 6 hours
I’m in ground for Grounds Maintenance Volunteer #1 (10am - 2pm): Monday: - 4 hours
I will just be a Food service Volunteer #2 (11am - 1pm): Thursday thru Saturday: Sunday: - 8 hours

24 hours total.

Done and done. A request, though:

If you change your mind on what you want and I haven’t updated the list yet(I’ll post when I update it), feel free to modify your reply, instead of posting more on top. It can be confusing for me. :slight_smile: