The 3rd Annual Cider Tasting - LIGHT Cider Vs. DARK Cider

[SIGN-UPS FULL - Feel free to come, but there might not be enough cider to go around for every kind.]

A low key cider appreciation and tasting, led by me, the Fakest of men. This is a guided tour through different varietals and processes, that will get you a sip of this and that so you can find something to wet your whistle with that also pleases your senses.

NOTE - You are probably not going to have enough cider here to become wasted. If you already are wasted, you’re probably not going to have a good time here anyways. This is more of a booze and schmooze event. Expect to have about 2~3 full drinks worth of ethanol, and make sure to hydrate properly.

There were a lot of people who showed up last year, so this year I’m going to try and organize things a bit better by dividing things into 2 tastings. I’m going to cap the fancy seats of each tasting at 14 people. Please only sign up for one at the moment (If there’s still slots open a week before the event, then you can sign up for both if you are a depraved lunatic like myself.)

So, without further ado,

#1 - The LIGHT Cider -
Do you like more sweet fruit forward ciders? This is the tasting for you. I promise to be academic in all of my explanations of the cider process, and bright and chipper regarding all of your questions.
This will include
- Strongbow of various flavors (England)
- 2 Towns Pacific Pineapple (Corvallis)
- Atlas Blackberrry (Bend)
- Recorderlig Mango Raspberry (Sweden)
- Red Tank White cherry (Bend)
- Avid Apricot cider (Bend)
- Choya Umeshu (Osaka)
- Strawberry Mint cider (My garage)
- EZ Orchards Pomme: Apple Dessert Wine (Salem)

#2 - The DARK Cider -
Do you like ciders that taste like an apple had its face punched in by an unsympathetic stranger? Even if you don’t, this is where all the weird, dry, sour, and funky flavors are going to chill. I’m going to be lightly cidered myself at this point, so expect my explanations to be bawdy, belligerent, and gregarious, and my pours to get at least most of it in your cup.

This will include
- Locust Dark Cherry Cider (Washington)
- Fringe Meadery Blackberry Basil Mead (Portland)
- La Familia Hibiscus Cider (Clackamas)
- Avid Dragonfruit Cider (Bend)
- Jack Daniel’s Cinnamon Imperial (My garage)
- Red Tank Dry Rasperry (Bend)
- Ginger Lemon Cider (My garage)
- Makkoli (Seoul)
- Clear Creek 8 year reserve Apple Brandy (Portland)


If you’d like to sit in on either tasting but its full, you’re more than welcome to, but please make sure that the people who signed up get their tastes in before you. I’m only bringing about 1L of each cider, so I can’t supply the whole camp (as much as I’d like to).

So, thanks for reading all of that, now the important part. Leave a comment below to get added to the sign ups for DARK cider or LIGHT cider.

LIGHT Cider Sign Up

  1. Kaso Turian
  2. levithehusky
  3. Ratchetfox
  4. Astrius
  5. Purdika
  6. Charlesky
  7. Kieda
  8. Baxterfox
  9. Aeto
  10. kalu
  11. Dark Emberkitty
  12. Ottermidas
  13. Okiwolf
  14. Spootsy

DARK Cider Sign Up

  1. ZorionFagon
  2. Blink
  3. Cody Howl
  4. Okiwolf
  5. Delathar
  6. Kuwa
  7. Serefina
  8. Martlie
  9. ysgramir
  10. Spootsy
  11. Skanders
  12. Miles Rose
  13. Fuzzypaws
  14. Geo yote
  15. Levi
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I’ll take a light cider spot.

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Got cha down for the light side!

I’d love to get a seat on the dark side :smile:

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Righto. I’ll add you to the side that gets force lightning.

Add me to the light side!

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Done. And the light side takes the lead!

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Put me on the DARK side

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Done. You have brought balance to the force.

You can put me down for both! :smiley:

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Dark cider intrigues me, sign me up for a dark cider tasting!

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In fact I could try both if you have the room, if not keep me in mind for the dark side!

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It’s just one or the other at the moment.

If there’s space left a week before CFT (Like the end of July) then give me a holler and I’ll put you down for both.

I’ve got you down for dark sider though!

It’s one or the other at the moment. If there’s space left a week before CFT, then you can jump in the other as well.

Which would you rather definitely have a seat for?

It’s too hard to decide, I would also like to be on both if possible, but for now I’ll side with dark.

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Dark Cider spot is my first choice, both seem to have some REALLY good choices

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If it’s anything like last time, it’s not gonna fill up until camp itself. (So you can sign up for both at the end of July!)

Also, welcome to the dark side.

It’s gonna be a regular extravaganza this year!

Got you penned in for the Dark tasting.

I’ll go with the light ciders, please!


Fun! I’ll go dark. >:D Looks like Astrius and I are on opposing teams! Should be fun. >:)