Spookathon! 2023

Hello, campers!

Are you ready to summon some inner mischief for a fun and spooky happening? Then please warn everyone about it here so people can prepare for it!

Summerween is upon us and I’m super excited to see all of the decorations, costumes, and super fun and spooky happenings that will be had for us this year. So whether it’s a fun caramel apple decorating happening, spooky movie night, or some fun mischief please share it here and as your Manager of Mischief I will help get the word out and do my best to leave time for campers to come by your haunt!

Please keep in mind, your material use, and be sure to have things that are more easily cleaned up once your happening is over, don’t want to attract any ghouls that shouldn’t be messed with after all, and have fun!

So, please submit your spookaning as follows:

Description of haunt:
Who is managing said haunt:
Warning of when(time/day) the haunt might be happening:

Thank you all for any and all ideas/spookanings and I look forward to the mischief and fun we’ll have this year! :slight_smile:

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Title: Making Your Mark
Description of haunt: Stamp Carving
Who is managing said haunt: DogChomp + Morse (materials)
Warning of when(time/day) the haunt might be happening: Preferably Friday or saturday before or after lunch

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Community Building? In MY Furry Convention??

There’s more to furry cons than room parties and dances. Come have a chat with local organizers about the joys of growing a community, the spirit of volunteerism that motivates us, and learn about how you can get involved with your local cons. Light snacks and refreshments provided.

Hosted by Beau and Guests
Friday after breakfast

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Title: The Witching Hour
What is the Witching Hour? It will be a cocktail bar i’ll be managing from from 11 at night to 1 am on Friday and Saturday. There will be several fun witchy/occult themed drinks as well as a non-alcoholic choice.


I see what you did there Xander

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I would love to host a life-drawing session as a chill Sunday activity!
Title: Figure Drawing
Description of haunt: Pull up a camp chair and a sketchbook and let’s draw each other! No experience needed. Costumed and/or nude (as long as all attendees are comfortable with that), 30 second-10 minute poses. If you don’t draw but would love to model, please do come! It leaves more drawing time for the artists!
Who is managing said haunt: Gwendolyn Wood / Poodlewool
Warning of when(time/day) the haunt might be happening: Sunday, early afternoon, somewhere a bit shady and out of the way if possible (suggestions welcome)


Title: Swap Box
Description of haunt: Two boxes will be placed around camp. Take whatever you want from inside and leave something for someone else to take in return. This year I will provide a notebook & pen, so if someone doesn’t have something to trade, they can write a piece of advice in the notebook for others to read in lieu of placing an item in the box.
Who is managing said haunt: Jovian
Warning of when(time/day) the haunt might be happening: Friday afternoon through Sunday night. We leave on Sunday morning so I’ll clean up right before we leave!


Title: Crow Bar Story Time
Description: Come listen to and tell SPINE CHILLING tales, or just brag about your exploits! You can even lie! Wow! Drinks will be served throughout.
Who is managing: Me! Tara!
When: Thursday after dark! Saturday too if I feel like it!
Where: Blackboard chalk bar by the central fire in Red. Can’t miss it.


*edit, i’m lame and changed my mine. i want friday before lunch so more people have time to stamp things.
as an atonement, i’ll talk to the volunteer coordinator for any job if i have free paws <3

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Title: Summer + 'Ween Cider Tasting!
Description of haunt: Tasting Cider and Causing Problems!
Who is managing said haunt: Fake
Warning of when(time/day) the haunt might be happening: After Dinner Friday (There will be 2 separate tastings one after another then. Each takes less than an hour)


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Title: 2nd Annual Great Cocktail Mix-Off!
Description of haunt: - Iron Chef Style mixology competition
Who is managing said haunt: Fake
Warning of when(time/day) the haunt might be happening: Saturday After Dinner

WHAT TO BRING - Bartending supplies or spirits for the contestants’ bar


Title: CFT Watermelon Carving Competition

What: Come carve a watermelon jack’o’lantern to be lit and displayed at night. Campers, vote for your favorite and win a fabulous trophy/sweet prize (voting stickers provided at check-in).

Who: Senoy

When: Saturday after lunch

Where: Tables near the kitchen


Trans & Nonbinary Meetup

When: Friday, Early-Mid Afternoon, sometime after lunch
Where: Neptunian Embassy; between Red and Green camp, by first aid
Managing: Vloelei Ocean (Me!)

Trans? Nonbinary? Questioning? Take a break from the afternoon heat at the Neptunian Embassy! Meet and chill with other Trans or Nonbinary folk! Format will be relaxed and discussion-oriented, but feel free and encouraged to interact as much or as little as you feel comfortable with!


Therian & Otherkin Meetup

Time: Saturday, Early-Mid Afternoon, sometime after lunch
Where: Neptunian Embassy; between Red and Green camp, by first aid
Managing: Vloelei Ocean (Me!)

Stop by your local “Watering Hole” and meet other queer, dusty animals. Anyone under the “nonhuman” umbrella is welcome, including those who may be questioning or curious! Format will be relaxed and discussion-oriented, but feel free and encouraged to interact as much or as little as you feel comfortable with!

Title: 3-way tug-a-thon

When: Sunday evening, post-dinner. That way it isn’t hot and sunny out, and if someone does get injured, at least it’s at the end of CFT.
Where: the open area between blue camp and kitchen, unless there’s a better spot with softer ground (former location of lube wrestling, may it live forever in our hearts, but not our spines)
Managing: Tyco

Join with a team of up to 8 for a little 3-way action, and prove to everyone who’s the strongest! Wearing pants at this event is recommended; you will likely be pulled to the ground.

Rules: The 3-way rope is laid out with each of the 3 ropes spread equally apart (120 degrees), meeting in the center. A circle is marked out around that center point, and each team gets 1/3 of the circle. The team that gets the center point past the outside of their section is the winner.
(Frequently what happens is that one team gets close to winning, and the other two teams gang up and yank them back to the middle. It’s a surprisingly dynamic game, compared to traditional one-on-one tug of war.)

Safety: This setup was created with safety as the primary design goal. The three “ropes” are made of vehicle recovery straps with 15,000 lb breaking strength. Each recovery strap has 8 handles sewn to it, to discourage people from holding the recovery strap itself, or worse, wrapping the strap around their hand for grip. It also limits each rope to 8 people, grossly under the breaking strength. The only remaining hazard is falling on the ground, and there isn’t much that can be done about that except to wear pants. I want to host this on Sunday so that if someone does take a fall and get scraped up, at least it’s on the last day and avoids preventing them from enjoying the waterfall and river.


Title: Upstairs Tarot Readings

What: Are you looking for some feedback from Upstairs? Kirin is gifting tarot readings to anyone that asks at CFT! Stop by Dragon Heights or ask me if you see me about, I’ll be offering throughout the event.

Who: Kirin

When: Throughout the week, ask if you’d like one!

Where: Dragon Heights

Title: Movies After Dark

Description of haunt: That giant movie screen isn’t just for decoration - Dragon Heights will be serving up Halloween themed movies and other goodies every night! Bring your camp chair for ultimate comfort.

Who is managing said haunt: Dragon Heights

Time: After dark every night until 2am

Title: Cult of Dark Lunch

Description of haunt: The Dark Gods require Cheese. And they also require PLATES. Dragon Heights has once again made a bargain with the Dark Cheese Gods to provide Dark Lunch after midnight. Bring a plate, or face the wrath of PUBLIC SHAMING.

Who is managing said haunt: Dragon Heights

Time: Nightly, around Midnight

Title: Bead Animals

Description of haunt: Summer Camp crafting is alive and well at Dragon Heights! Maly has brought a million beads and a bunch of different patterns for making bead animals, come chill and craft in the yurt.

Who is managing said haunt:Maly

**Time:**After lunch Friday (beads available all weekend, though)

Title: Kandi in the Yurt

Description of haunt: We’ve made bead animals, but what about actual Kandi? Maly will walk you through the history of Kandi bracelets at raves, and show you a few different styles of modern cuffs! Come make some word bracelets, or attempt something more daring. Let’s keep PLUR alive!

Who is managing said haunt: Maly

Time: Saturday after dinner

Title: Rexlace Crafting

Description of haunt: Rexlace! Gimp! Plastic lace! Whatever you call it, it’s a decades-old staple of summer camp. Feel the nostalgia flow through you as you embark on your own rexlace project, we’ll be making the classic keychain/zipper pull.

Who is managing said haunt: Maly

Time:: Sunday after lunch

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Bingo for Beers!

  • Gather around to play Bingo for a chance to draw a beer from the cooler.
  • Beers range from run-of-the-mill light beers, to barrel-aged stouts, to dessert-style fruit smoothie beers!
  • Try your luck and see if you win a fancy beer!

Brought to you by: Boulder and Kilo

Friday after Lunch for up to 2 hours or until the bingo cards or beers run out.


Title: Ghost Tag
Description of haunt: An ongoing (opt-in only) stealthy game of tag! Players try to tag someone without anyone else noticing. Who’s it at any given time? It’s a mysssstery! (spooky noises)
Who is managing said haunt: Emanate + Neptunian Embassy
Warning of when(time/day) the haunt might be happening: During the entirety of CFT. (From Closing ceremonies to Opening.)

Basic rules will be posted at Neptunian theme camp.

Title: Blacklight Art Jam

Location: Moth Garden Theme Camp (in Red Camp)

Description: Come personalize a paper moth - and new for this year, a few bonus creepy critters - to hang in our blacklight garden, or create whatever you feel like! We will have UV lights, neon markers, pencils, clipboards and blank paper available, or bring your own supplies.

Host: oCe (please capitalize it exactly this way in printed materials - thanks!)

Time: Officially, Friday Night 9PM-12AM (and possibly later). Unofficially, our screened/enclosed art space will also be open for spontaneous art jamming with both blacklight and regular light throughout the weekend. Anytime our “OPEN” sign is up, you’re welcome to come in!

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Title: Karaoke!

Location: Moth Garden Theme Camp (in Red Camp)

Description: Karaoke!!! What more needs to be said? Sign up to sing your favorite songs, or just come and watch the show.

Host: Azlo (@Skanders)

Time: Friday Night 10pm ‘til Late (though not past 2AM, of course)

Edited to add: Please read the MOTH GARDEN KARAOKE Q&A for answers to common questions, such as which songs are available, how our queue works, etc.

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Title: House Cats Dance Party

Location: Moth Garden Theme Camp (in Red Camp)

Description: Shake your tail as we spin a variety of funky chunky dance beats with a dark/spooky edge in honor of Summerween. Fursuits and glow toys welcome! Special “Trick” or “Treat” drinks will be served for as long as supplies last.

Hosts: oCe & Azlo (@Skanders)

Time: Officially, Saturday Night 10PM ‘til Late (not past 2AM, of course) - and unofficially, whenever else we feel like making some noise!

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