Scritch / Bitch


Large outdoor space with plenty of room to find “your crowd”.
Fires and other fun things.
Managing to get 72 people out of their homes and (mostly) devoid of electronics for at least a night or two.
Free-form-not-making-things-rush-to-get-to scheduling.


Food prep.
Raging dogs.
Lineups for outhouse. ;p

All in all though, I’d happily come back again next year, and try and drag a few more Canadians down. :3

I requested fursuit floor and all i got was these rocks to sleep on, WTH kinda hotel was this?

Hey, we tried to make sure that EVERYONE had a tree to pee on! :smiley:

I’m sad I couldn’t mark EVERY tree. Next year!

Demon Fox

Oh wow lol. There certainly were enough trees for everyone to claim one X3


For it’s first official year, it went pretty darn good despite all the Murphy’s Law interventions.
Food was amazing!
Music was good (while it worked X3)
Weather was great, though a little colder than I expected at night X3
My events went decently, though I need to make Win Lose or Draw harder for next year.
River/creek was freezing, but oh so refreshing

Not long enough XD I would have loved a couple more days. Maybe next year I’ll volunteer so I can stay longer :3

I didn’t mean to blow up the amp D:
Sorry XD

It was real nice meeting you furry folk. I just wish there had been a few more events that interested me. (Hopefully more attendees next year will mean more events.)

More event space would also be nice. Or at least separate space for games and events.

basically everything

-we need a fursuiter “lounge” with chairs and a water cooler and LOOOOOOONG straws for those of us in suit or want to suit up but have tiny/short tents
-solar powered driveway lights to help fursuiters see where the driveway is to follow along so they wont be cutting thru the tented areas unnessicarily
-have a cowbell or airhorn to alert sponsers/patrons that meals are ready. there were several times that i was at the kitchen when meals were scheduled (10/2/6) but it was runnning late, so i went to do other things, and by the time i came back, food was gone or cold. so either a bell or a better speaker system to comunicate when meals are done.
-rent both b and c group sites (and even a if enough people are signed up) so that way we can spred out a bit more. also have a seperate tent for the “dealers den” and another one for the “events” so that way it would be easier to move around
-have two water jugs by the restrooms for hand washing and also have hand sanitizer
-have more trashcans, at least one per “cluster” of tents, so that way you dont have to “hike” to the nearest trashcan, and have several bags so that way if itgets full can change without “hunting” a staffmember or volunteer for one.

okay im done bitching now :slight_smile:

okay heres another bitch:

have a lost and found area

=have a first aid kit in each “cluster” of tents just so incase you cant get to a staff or volunteer member fast enough or if the injury prevents you or whatever…if that makes sence

Man I never had to wait for the bathroom when I got to it which is nice because for a chick, there’s always lines for the bathroom.

When were there lines for the bathroom?

I don’t really have any complaints because for my first real furry con and our first year as a con, I feel we did pretty damn good, but I have suggestions to make things better.

-More trash receptacles
With CK passing jello shots in little plastic cups and whatever other various trash that ended up in my paws, it was a bit of an inconvenience to not have something to toss it in without having to trek down to the bathrooms or to the kitchen area. Something as simple as a trash bag hooked and bungee’d to a few scattered trees would be perfect.

-Multiple tents for “event” space
That red tent was cozy for kicking it and doing art jams/sales, but once an event started up, I felt like I was imposing by staying and continuing my work rather than participating. Maybe we can work around getting a second big tent for art purposes, etc.

-Better communication about when events/meals are starting
Announcing by walkie talkies unfortunately didn’t do much for those out of ear shot and I don’t know about others but I use my cell phone for telling time and while camping, I leave it off and out of my pocket. Like Boxy suggested, if not a PA system for announcements, perhaps a bell or something to announce meals/events.

-Dog situation
I think we should explicitly state further rules aside from just the park’s rules about bringing animals. Most importantly, no dog/stranger aggressive dogs, last thing we need is an accident or someone else’s animal(s) getting hurt. If someone wants to bring their animal it should be openly social and friendly towards strangers and other animals and they should be aware that they need to be responsible and take care of their animal while they’re at the con.

That’s pretty much all I can think of at the moment.

  1. Coffee.

pretty damn good con, so as far as the majority of the con goes, went pretty alright. earscritches all around. :>

but yeah, what’s been stated already, stuff like more trash cans, at least around the campfires. as for lines around the bathroom? pssh. plenty of trees. ;D and the few times i did decide to use the bathroom, there was no line.

i didn’t hang around the event space much, but i’ve gathered that there needs to be more space. also, if possible, more materials for boffer fights. i had to scrounge every little scrap i could just to get four for the red team.

regarding foods, yeah announce them better, a bell or something. also if continuing with the ‘sponsers then patrons then regulars’ feeding schedule, do announce it better. there was much confusion at the back of the line with the regulars as to who’s turn it was.

dogs, obv, need to stick by owners, or at the very least be a-okayed by con staff before hand. either through a previous con, or personal experience.

a pre-noted lost-and-found area would be nifty keen, though nothing really got lost, and i ended up finding all my stuff exactly where i left it the day before. :B

more staff is necessary. somebody to deal with volunteers, a lot more on kitchen duty. i didn’t see poor xander out of the kitchen area until the last day!

also this is bennets idea but i’ll post it up here for him:
encourage walkie talkies for congoers. either set up a regular channel for con goers, and one for con staff, or combine them. also as a bonus, if there’s an emergency and staff can not be found, a regular can jump on and shout out something.

EDIT: oh, also more nature related stuff. the star gazing was wonderful, and perfectly in time for the meteor shower even! but maybe something in the middle of the day, like some off-trail hiking or something.

all in all though, pretty awesome con, and look forward to next year!

Food i could eat was awesome
free firewood
Staff there was a lot of problems but you pulled through and made it happen
star gazing we should do it ever year
the people were awesome

i was torn between hiking and being with people at the con i’d suggest making a hiking happening or organized hiking group

the happening were a little uncoordinated id reccomend the use of cheat sheets to help people get going

more trash cans would cut down on the litter

Pretty much everything.

I need to get a bigger tent.
We do need some sort of track lighting between areas.
Any way to reduce the horrible outhouse smell? Baking soda comes to mind…
Timing. I didn’t even have my phone working some of the time due to whatever, and just left it in my tent, so never knew how much time it was.
More covered space for sitting/crafts/games/whatever.

Scritch: Only Zuul

Bitch: No Dana

in regards to the tents i think we need more but more importantly i think we need to try to get more people clustered closer together

But there is no Dana… only Zuul.

I can’t think of anything that isn’t already posted on here, but if I do, I will be sure to post. :open_mouth:

[quote=“12inchfallacy, post:15, topic:164”]Scritch: Only Zuul

Bitch: No Dana[/quote] I approve of this post.

just to stay with the theme of the topic

-lots of furs willing to help (you know who you are) even when you didnt sign up for such duties!
-fur compatible attendance
-relatively soft sand to set up a tent on
-self policing attendees! it easier on our public safety

-the dust… you should have seen the dirt clod that i dug out of my nose yesterday XD
-limited cooking surfaces
-attendees not refilling the solar shower bags and putting them BACK in the sun
-lack of caffeine! (medical grade caffeine to be spiked into hydration stations next year maybe…? XD)

overall, you guys were great to be around and you were all totally worth the blisters on my toes! <3