Planning on DJing? Read here! (2014)

Greetings again, friends!

This is where any and all DJs should voice their questions, concerns and interest in DJing during CFT 2014!

Before you even begin to consider DJing, please, please, PLEASE, for the love of [insert deity of choice here] READ THIS:

Campfire Tails is an OUTDOOR event. Here in central Oregon, dust is a fairly large issue and no amount of prep-work can prevent it from getting everywhere. If you are going to bring your laptop, mixers, controllers, turntables, etc… then please be aware that they WILL get covered in dust. I will be laying out a few tarps around/under the DJing table/stage, but this will only reduce the dust by a small amount. By bringing your gear out here, you are potentially risking damage! At the very least, you will have some SERIOUS cleaning to do after you’re done. I speak from experience.
You have been warned~

[edit]: I failed to mention that it can get pretty damn cold if you play at night. If you are worried about your hands going numb, be sure to bring some gloves! I personally don’t have an issue with it, but I’ll bring a pair for anybody that forgets them and finds that they are needed.

Now that the warning is out of the way, let’s get started!

Being that CFT is fairly small and in a camping setting, there aren’t really any restrictions on DJs. This means that there are no try-outs.
Whether you are playing for your first live crowd or have been doing this for your entire life, I highly encourage you to step up and give it a shot!

If you are interested, then please post here and let me know!

The following questions are optional, but I would really like you to answer them. (Again, there is no real criteria, I’m just curious. It’s awesome to see the variety! :3 )
-(For potential announcement planning) Do you have a DJ or stage name that you go by?
-What genre(s) of music do you play?
-What form of media do you use? If software, which program?
-Do you have any hardware? If so, what do you use?
-What day/time would you prefer?
This one is actually important
-What type of connection do you have for your audio-out?

Equipment and other relevant items:

I will be providing and sharing the following:
-2 15" powered mains
-2 tripods
-1 powered subwoofer Finances didn’t allow. Also not needed with the speakers I bought.
-1 dedicated PA mixer (allowing for multiple DJs to connect at once) Might just have people route through my personal mixer via RCA. It’ll save some money.
-Various audio adapters and cables
-Various power strips and extension cables
-1, possibly 2 tables.
-A cooler full of water bottles. Hydration is important!
-A few tarps to help cut down on dust
-(Will add more as I figure it out)

I can not supply laptops, controllers or any other DJ gear besides my own personal rig. Sorry! D:

-Do you have any equipment to share? Want to pitch-in some bottled water or something else? Need something in particular and don’t have it?
This thread is for that too. Post it all here!

Some things to consider:

I do have some small rules that I would like you all to be aware of before using my audio equipment:

  1. Keep your levels out of “the red”. You aren’t Skrillex, there is no need to play that loud.
  2. Keep all open drinks AWAY from the equipment. “Spill your drink and I’ll spill your blood” ♥
  3. Respect EVERYBODY. Especially the other DJs. We’re all part of a family, whether you want to think that way or not.
    3b. If you don’t like the music that a DJ is playing, the software they’re using or the way that they mix, then keep it to yourself! Offer /constructive/ criticism if it is welcomed.
  4. This may sound like a contradiction to 3b, but if you plan on just hitting “play” on Itunes or something similar, please give other DJs priority. I mean no offense, but seriously… :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Please do not intentionally damage my equipment! I worked really hard to afford it! ;__;
  6. (More may be added if I think of them)
    (If you don’t agree with a rule that I have listed here, then feel free to voice your concern. If you feel that a rule should be added, then I’m certainly willing to consider any reasonable requests.)

Further important things to consider!
-It can get hot out during the day and cold at night. Plan on some way to protect your gear! I stored mine in an /empty/ cooler and that seemed to work just fine.
-While I’m not aware of any theft occurring at CFT, it can always happen. It’s probably best to lock up your gear (in a cooler or something :P) in your car. This stuff is expensive!
-I am not actually a staff member, so I can’t answer any staff-directed questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that’s about it! I’m looking forward to seeing you all! :smiley:
Remember that suggestions are welcome here! Brainstorming and collaboration are key~

List of DJs in no particular order yet:

Here’s mine, for an example:

-DJ name

-What genre(s) of music do you play?
Electro, house, a little DnB and I scratch too!
You may also hear some metal when I’m not actually playing a set.

-What form of media do you use? If software, which program?
I use a DVS setup. Traktor Scratch Pro 2 is my software of choice

-Do you have any hardware? If so, what do you use?
I have 2 Audio-Technica LP 1240 turntables, a Traktor Kontrol Z2, a Midi-Fighter 3D and a Traktor Kontrol F1

-What day/time would you prefer?
I have preemptively taken a few hours on Saturday night to throw a big party of sorts! :smiley:
I also plan on filling in time if there aren’t enough DJs.

-What type of connection do you have for your audio-out?
Mixer supports 1/4 out, RCA out and XLR out

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