Moonlight Medicine: Herbalism 101


Kuwa and Astrius’s Herbalism 101 class is coming to a harvest festival near you, with Camp Witch Trial!

DISCLAIMER: We. Are. Not. Doctors. ALWAYS consult your physician before doing anything health-related, especially if you are taking medication or are under treatment for a current diagnosis. We WILL go over safety aspects in the Happening, but the short of it is: ask. your. doctor!!!

… still interested? Good!

This Happening is an introduction to herbalism to spur your interest and spark curiosity! We will be going over a general idea of what herbalism is, what it can be used for and ways in which they can be implemented, some of the more commonly used herbs, safety concerns, resources for furthering your knowledge on the subject. We will also walk you through your very own take-home herbalism project!

We will not be consuming anything at the Happening itself–again, SAFETY FIRST, and we are not physicians–but we will be making a take-home project. The project will get your feet wet, providing a helpful and fun crash-course that can start you off on your herbalism journey!

You won’t need to bring anything (other than note-taking materials if you so wish). We’ll supply a recipe and the necessary tools and components! That said, supplies are limited, so we’re asking folks to sign up here if interested.


I definitely want to do this.


I have some plants as medicine books that I can bring for this.


I would love this so much!


ooooo I would love to participate! :slight_smile:


I’d love to be a part of this!