Making Your Mark: Spooky Halloween Edition!

We’re looking to have this happening on Friday before lunch! It gives us just a bit extra time to grab something to eat and continue to work on your project!
This is more or less a first come, first served setting, but everyone has been so wonderful sharing the supplies we do have! Morse has graciously supplied us with ink stamping pads of many colors, pencils, knives, and gouges to use at camp, as well as the speedball rubber we used to carve!
We ask that you come with a design that approximately 2x2 inches so we have plenty of material for everyone, plus if you come with one ready, you’ll get first dibs on the cutting tools!

If you have pencils, extra paper, and/or carving utensils, such as an x-acto knife or a wedge gouge carving tool, please bring those as well! It’s greatly appreciated as having extra supplies really helps move the process along. Also, if you’re willing to donate some double stick tape, the stamps can be affixed to the tops of your stamp pads!

Feel free to trace any of these designs to try out or to alter in any way you please! It’s good practice if you try it at home, but don’t fret if you don’t get the chance!

Here are some stamps that were made in previous years:


Need a refresher before you get started? Here’s our in depth tutorial on making your very own stamp: "Making Your Mark - Rubber Stamp Creation"

Need materials?