Happening Idea: Battle of the Brightest

We all know about boffer battles, yeah? Well, why not take it to the next level?

You bring: Boffers and junk clothes you don’t mind throwing away.

I give you: 200 rolls of packing tape, assorted foam odds and ends, some box cutters and 10,000 glowsticks.

We’ll split up into tribes with different glowstick colors, and use tape, foam bits and glowsticks to transform our junky clothing into totally badical glowing suits of armor and weapons. When midnight comes, we all gather in an empty field and have an all out war. Winning tribe gets bragging rights and some kinda prize.


this is the best

Will hard trance be playing during it?

Yes please. :open_mouth:

Sounds like a good time. ;D

It will probably be somewhere near the stage, perhaps behind it so people can dance and watch a hillside battle take place and also listen to music.

I am so there! I won’t take it easy on any of you just because you’re girls either. >=D

( Ha-ha-ha, see that was me making an insulting joke as to the manlieness of the guys in the boffer battle. Oh-oh-oh-ooooh, witty.)

YES! That sounds incredibly awesome! :smiley:

Wicked. I can’t wait to watch.

That. Would be. Awesome. Count me in. I’ll bring my warhorse.

Wait, no.

I’ll be my warhorse!

[quote=“Thesselas, post:10, topic:30”]That. Would be. Awesome. Count me in. I’ll bring my warhorse.

Wait, no.

I’ll be my warhorse![/quote]

See, there ya go. Thinking outside the box!

:o i must not be into the lingo! Whats a boffer? lol its probably one of those plastic things that you hit people with right? not sure though, is it the equivalent of a pool noodle?

Boffers are a lot harder than a pool noodle. I don’t like them, personally, but I’d love to watch 'em when they’re all decked out in glow stuff and go at each other. Will confetti cannons be allowed? Might look awesome with the glow stuff and lights.

Too much mess and cleanup for confetti cannons. So no. :slight_smile:

Crowley, your ideas often scare me!

Dont ever stop! :wink:

I wholeheartedly support boffer battles, as long as Tiggy is not allowed to wield a polearm that always hits the crotch.

The duct tape polearm is prettymuch the most badass boffer weapon ever.

I use pool noodles to make my boffers. I have constructed well over a dozen of them. =) PVC pipe and ducktape is all else thats needed.

I don’t suppose there will be a special battle for the people who dont’ like being hit, will there? Call it the battle of the wussiest if you must.

This is prolly the coolest idea ive heard for a camp. Im all for it.

I would like to know how to pic a winner…