[Full] 2024 Volunteer Sign-ups!

Mystical Greetings, Campers!
I’m Beans, and I’m thrilled to be your new volunteer coordinator. As we gather around the campfire once more, let me be your guide through the shadowy realms of volunteering this year! :scream_cat:

If you want to volunteer, please post in this thread with what shifts and tasks you’d like to do. Centralization of these requests is very helpful, rather than disparate messages over other services and ways to contact us.

Firstly, why would you volunteer (besides being awesome and helping from your kindness)? Volunteer credits! Please take a look at our new Volunteering at CFT page detailing the benefits you get from donating your time to the convention!

We want to make sure that everyone willing to volunteer their time and energy gets what they hope for out of it while helping out a great cause for all attendees. Positions will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and I’ll be updating this thread regularly as people claim shifts and positions.

Please keep in mind that you need to already be registered to be able to volunteer!

Of course, if there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly on the forums, or send an email to info@campfiretails.org and we’ll get you to where you need to be! Doesn’t matter what your question is about, we’ll do our best to answer it.

With that, here are the categories where people can help out!

Construction manager = @Intruder & @byrd
Construction crews to help set up the facilities for the convention are absolutely vital, and often understaffed! If you have the physical ability to lift, carry, and go wherever needs help the most, this spot’s for you!

Setup begins the morning of Wednesday, July 31st. For those volunteers who can be in the area/arrive by 10 am, we will meet at the CFT storage unit in La Pine, OR. Stay posted for additional details. For those volunteers who will arrive after 12 pm, please join us at the campsite. Please do your best not to arrive any later than 2pm!

  1. @Icewolf68 (Moonglow)
  2. @LexLynx
  3. @SillyPapaya
  4. @Shrimp
  5. @liquid
  6. @Cernwyld
  7. @atomicthumbs
  8. @Kieda
  9. @CharlesSky
  10. @dog_th1ng
  11. @AndyAndy
  12. @Gyro
  13. @noctoran
  14. @anubisyote
  15. @CoffeeYeen (Harar)
  16. @sinohyena
  17. @Violet_Proto
  18. @DogChomp
  19. @texture
  20. @Badwolf101963
  21. @Wolfwilly
  22. @Kumatsu
  23. @Nodnash
  24. @FakeMan

Coordinator = @Intruder
The opposite, of course, of setup. These people are the ones making sure everyone gets home on time and everything’s put away snugly for next year. Breakdown will start on-site Monday, August 5th and then the team will head to the CFT storage unit to unload the trucks.

  1. @Icewolf68 (Moonglow)
  2. @liquid
  3. @atomicthumbs
  4. @Kieda
  5. @CharlesSky
  6. @Gyro
  7. @emarl
  8. @Skanders (Azlo)
  9. @Badwolf101963
  10. @Kumatsu
  11. @ButterBall
  12. @ghoast
  13. @Hannublue
  14. @genderpunk
  15. @celanor
  16. @Azirath
  17. @penelope_jo
  18. @Mac_Fox
  19. @enasni
  20. @Gayloader

Registration & Swag
@Morse and company
Two volunteers needed for each shift to greet campers, process registration, and hand out badges and swag. Volunteers will need to sign an NDA.

Thursday 12PM - 2:30PM

  1. @Icewolf68 (Moonglow)
  2. @Nodnash

Thursday 2:30PM - 5:00PM

  1. @AndyAndy
  2. @DogChomp

Friday 12:00PM - 2:30PM

  1. @Icewolf68 (Moonglow)
  2. @Rypup

Friday 2:30PM-5:00PM

  1. @IndiLatrani
  2. @ButterBall

Saturday 11:00AM - 1:00PM

  1. @Mojave
  2. @mammonmachine

Chefs de cuisine = @Beauchamp
The field kitchen is what brings so many of us together with fond memories. Make this part of your day-to-day and help make that nostalgia possible!

The day will be divided into two shifts -
Breakfast: 9:00AM - 12:00PM (Breakfast)
Dinner: 4:00PM - 7:30PM (Dinner)

During the shifts, you’ll be expected to work on a variety of tasks, including prepping ingredients with knives and mandolins, cooking and grilling, serving, as well as dish washing and clean-up. If there’s something you’re unfamiliar with, don’t worry! Part of the fun is learning new skills you can use at home, and we are happy to teach! Since kitchen shifts are limited to 5 people per, and how Kitchen hours add up, shifts are limited to two per individual. Be mindful what kind of cooking you’d like to do and when!

Thursday, August 1st
2nd shift

  1. @Istelle
  2. @noobmercury
  3. @WoofyTheBunny
  4. @spoosty
  5. @Retrofawcks

Friday, August 2nd
1st shift

  1. @sawtoothpennanti
  2. @Sektoth
  3. @MilesRose
  4. @SoyDanBoi
  5. @dirtsecret

2nd shift

  1. @WoofyTheBunny
  2. @spoosty
  3. @Retrofawcks
  4. @Slake
  5. @Slobbermaw

Saturday, August 3rd
1st shift

  1. @Sektoth
  2. @SoyDanBoi
  3. @Slake
  4. @Draque
  5. @FakeMan

2nd shift

  1. @Nugget
  2. @Catoxis
  3. @Slobbermaw
  4. @Oneironott
  5. @Rypup

Sunday, August 4th
1st shift

  1. @dirtsecret
  2. @Draque
  3. @texture
  4. @mammonmachine
  5. @CoyoteTraveller

2nd shift

  1. @Istelle
  2. @noobmercury
  3. @Maow
  4. @FarmPunk
  5. @Nugget

Monday, August 5th
1st shift

  1. @Maow
  2. @FarmPunk
  3. @Catoxis
  4. @Rypup
  5. @CoyoteTraveller

Kitchen deep clean keeps our gear in tip-top shape before heading into storage. Gloves, scrapers, and soap are provided, just bring your elbow grease! Please report to the kitchen after breakfast on Monday.

  1. @Shrimp
  2. @mtncow
  3. @ComfyCoils
  4. @dog_th1ng

Coordinator = @beansyboi

GoFurs are our go-to hands when something needs done! Checking trash cans, restocking facilities, and general handiness are what’s needed most. And the best part? You’ll get radios!

GoFur shifts will be divided into two 4 hour shifts per day. One AM shift from 9am - 1pm, and one PM shift from 4pm - 8pm. In an effort to streamline and centralize our helpers for everyone’s benefit, people who sign up to be go-furs will spend their time (when not otherwise doing duties) at the Safety Tent where other volunteers will be helping out anyone who might need it.

Thursday, August 1st

  1. @sawtoothpennanti
  2. @emarl

Friday, August 2nd

  1. @SaberTail
  2. @IndiLatrani


  1. @Azirath
  2. @Hannublue

Saturday, August 3rd

  1. @MilesRose
  2. @SaberTail


  1. @Mojave
  2. @enasni

Sunday, August 4th

  1. @BirdGirlfriend
  2. @Oneironott


  1. @BirdGirlfriend
  2. @celanor

REMEMBER! Everyone must be registered to help out!
Whether that means signing up ahead of time (in this thread), or a spur of the moment assist while at camp, please make sure that I or another supervising staff member gets your registered name and badge ID down.

As much as we appreciate people giving what they can, if your name doesn’t get noted, you won’t earn anything toward that credit you might’ve wanted. We want to avoid that whenever possible so record-keeping is key! Be sure to check in with any one of us, especially yours truly, at the start and end of each shift, if at all possible.

Let’s have a great weekend! :tent:
Beans~ :paw_prints:


Interested in the Aug 1st PM gofur shift and 1st shift kitchen on Friday. Thanks for hosting!

Hi guys it’s Moonglow I would love to help out at set up and tear down also Thursday for registration at 12-2:30 and Friday 12-2:30! So happy to be back and can’t wait to see everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Can @noobmercury and I sign up together for the following shifts please?

Thursday - 2nd shift
Sunday - 2nd shift


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Can I do Sunday Dinner, and Monday Breakfast

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I’ll sign up for some kitchen shifts, Friday 1st shift and Saturday 1st shift.

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Myself and @SillyPapaya would like to help with setup on Wednesday July 31st!

Id like to volunteer for set up and kitchen deep clean!

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Could I volunteer for first shift kitchen on Friday, and SatAM gofur?

I would love to work setup and breakdown again if that’s possible!

I’d like to help in the kitchen again, 2nd shift Thursday and 2nd shift Friday!

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Could I sign up for Friday and Saturday AM Gofur shifts?

I’ll take a setup shift :slight_smile:

I’d like to help with setup and breakdown.

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Myself Kieda, and CharlesSky would like to do both setup and takedown please

@FarmPunk would like to do the same kitchen shifts as me, Sunday dinner and Monday breakfast.

(For some reason, he doesn’t have a reply button on his phone)

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I’d love to volunteer for kitchen 1st shift for Friday kitchen the 2nd! Also Saturday 1st shift kitchen the 3rd! :o3

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Yooo! May i please do kitchen Thursday dinner and Friday breakfast?

Edit: will do whatever next available kitchen shifts if these ones filled up ahead of me lol

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put me down for setup and kitchen deep clean

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I would prefer Thursday Dinner and Friday Breakfast, but I am available for any kitchen shifts.

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