Cult of Dark Lunch


The Cult of Dark Lunch will return at midnight Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at the Dragon Heights camp. Come join us to sacrifice quesadillas and other high calorie foods to the dark gods.

We will be collecting donations that go towards PAWS to aid in their efforts to find loving homes for Cats and Dogs, as well as rehabilitate bears, seals, and other wildlife across the Pacific Northwest. 100% of the donations collected will go to PAWS. There is no minimum, or any donation required to join in our dark ritual, but suggest 2-5$ per evening. As many people don’t make a habit of bringing cash with them to camp we will be offering a 15$ Dark Lunch punch card beforehand that will entitle you to bonus cookies each evening.

2018 Happenings Central

So excited! Thank you for everything!


I’m all about this! So stoked!


Dark lunch is best lunch!


Dark lunch and fun movies! This is just part of why this con is so great.


ooooo I heard a little bit about this from the telegram chat a while back… When do you think the cards will be available to purchase? Thinking about getting me and the person driving me one.


I’ll be getting those put together in the next couple of weeks, and they should be available around the end of June. We wanted to wait until everyone had locked their registration in before finalizing stuff, so people would know for sure they would be attending.

More cookies, to tempt you all…(final menu TBD, but I’m sure at least one night will have some of my fancy iced sugar cookies)