CFT Radio!

Hey fuzzies! I’m planning to bring a short range FM transmitter (FCC compliant .5 watt) to handle music, announcements and public communications. I’ll be playing music throughout the day and evening and would like to play the music you guys bring! Feel free to bring your boomboxes and personal radios to tune in and favorite playlists on mp3 players, cds and flash drives and I’ll play them as they come in! If you want to host discussions, DJ, have decentralized dance parties (gathering boomboxes in a central location anyone?) or other audio events, let me know and bring it!

I know I mentioned it in the IRC before, but it won’t be a problem for those that have boomboxes with their own stuff playing, right? XD

Should be fine. Also wubcar.

Haha, right right. Also, while you’re watching this, anyone get my reg email? Had a question and I want to be sure it was seen. :o

Shoot me a PM.

YES! I’ll have a wubcar with me this year. I’d also love to possibly DJ or VJ a decentralized dance party :stuck_out_tongue:

we also need someone to make a bunch of mock commercials to break up the music a little XD maybe even a fake talk show here and there XD

Oh jeez, maybe random interviews with congoers? XD

Running commentary from kitchen staff.

The evening show ‘five minutes of heaven’ in which the angriest staffmember of the day gets mictime. In the morning it’s ‘five minutes of hell’ with the most hungover camper getting five minutes of mictime.

my god… i’ll get the censorbleep sound-effect ready XD

So does that mean we’ll hear Chrome’s voice every morning?

Yes, keep him talking so he is all raspy like last year chuckles

hahahaha he’ll get to have another godfather moment all whispering into someone’s ear as they speak for him

Oh gods… :o I can tell this year is going to be very interesting for me since I missed last year…

so… we can bring mixtape cds for you? this sounds rad!

Absolutely. Bring em!

Groggy probably has more familiarity with antenna design than I do, but since the FCC limits your transmitter to .5 watts, I would highly recommend that you optimize the antenna for the frequency you intend to use. That will let you stretch a little more distance out of that stupid .5 watt limit.

I’m not sure if an omnidirectional antenna in the center of the camp is best, or possibly it would be better to put an antenna with a narrow angle sweep at one corner, directed toward the waterfall?

I just got a few extended mixes that I’ll figure out how to bring along, they’re an hour each, so that should take up some nice blocks of time so we don’t have a lot of repeated content :smiley:

[quote=“x_panther, post:7, topic:446”]we also need someone to make a bunch of mock commercials to break up the music a little XD maybe even a fake talk show here and there XD[/quote]Aww hell yeah, I wish I had seen this post earlier; I’d go nucking futs with it

What frequency do you expect to broadcast on?