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So, any of you who know me probably know that I like board games. I saw the discussion about a games tent for last year, and I hope there is one this year, as I can contribute quite a few games. If there isn’t, I can set up a table and folding chairs under a big canopy…

I’m planning to bring “Tales of the Arabian Nights” because it will fit the theme so well. If anyone has “Once Upon a Time”, or “Aye, Dark Overlord”, or anything in that vein, please bring it! It also will fit the theme nicely. Other than that, I was hoping to get some suggestions as to what people would actually want to play to help me decide what to bring. I’ll post a list of what I have available shortly.

I will also bring some cards, and if anyone is interested in playing / learning pinochle, cribbage, spades, bridge, euchre, etc. I will be happy to organize any of these as well.

List to follow,
GamerCoon (^X^)

One line per entry would be way to tall a post, so I’ll take the messy list format. In no particular order, the following games are on my shelves:

Blokus, Blokus Trigon, Abalone, Cathedral, Cosmic Encounter (The crappy Avalon Hill edition), Wrath of Ashardalon, Castle Ravenloft, Acquire, Factory Manager, Power Grid, Cavum, Steam: Rails to Riches, Endeavor, Caylus, El Grande, Agricola, Le Havre, The Princes of Florence, Puerto Rico, Notre Dame, Macao, Tombouctou, Die Macher, Attika, Kingsburg, Kingsburg: To Forge a Realm, Taluva, Prophecy, Prophecy: Dragon Realm, Domaine, Anno 1503, Zooloretto, RuneBound, Thunderstone, Thunderstone: Wrath of the Elements, Arkham Horror, Arkham Horror: Dunwich Horror, Arkham Horror: Kingsport Horror, Arkham Horror: Innsmouth Horror, Arkham Horror: The Black Goat of the Woods, Arkham Horror: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh, Arkham Horror: The King in Yellow, Ghost Stories, Castle Panic, Space Alert, Space Alert: The New Frontier, Pandemic, Pandemic: On the Brink, Forbidden Island, Lord of the Rings (Reiner Knizia Co-op, not the other one), Lord of the Rings: Friends and Foes Expansion, Shadows Over Camelot, Merlin’s Company, Battlestar Galactica, Factory Fun, Robo Rally, Go, F.I.T.S., The Amazing Labyrinth, Reef Encounter, Modern Art, When Darkness Comes, S.P.A.N.C., Uptown, Sleuth, Day & Night, Formula D, 7 Wonders, Egizia, Star Trek Expeditions, Yggdrasil, Pergamon, Asara, Battletech, Gipf, Dvonn, Zertz, Yinsh, Punct, Bonnanza, Alhambra, Metro, Red November, Illuminati, Battlestations, Xiangqi, Mansions of Madness, Verrator, Nuts!, Tichu, Quiddler, Slide 5, Elasund, Cave Troll, Drakon, “Trump, Tricks, Game!”, Fluxx, Mu and Lots More, Carcassonne, Hansa Teutonica, Othello, Dominion, Lost Cities the Board Game, Race for the Galaxy, Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm, Race for the Galaxy: The Brink of War, Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs Imperium, Galaxy Trucker, Galaxy Trucker: The Big Expansion, Dixit, Dixit 2, Hey! That’s My Fish!, Chateau Roquefort, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Android, Blue Moon City, Settlers of Catan, Fresco, Smallworld, Smallworld expansions (x3), Dungeon Lords, Amun Re, Through the Ages, Peloponnes, Ricochet Robots, Defenders of the Realm, Carcassonne: the Discovery, Alien Frontiers, Ra, Metropolys, Stone Age, Through the Desert, Catch Phrase!, Tigris & Euphrates, Thurn and Taxis, The Mines of Zavendor, Twilight Imperium, Scrabble, Nightmare Before Christmas Scrabble, Word on the Street, Upwords, Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Pitch Car, Pitch Car Expansion 1, Tamsk, Atmosfear ‘The Harbingers’, Scotland Yard, Stratego, Medici

I’m not a big fan of all of these (I don’t want to play more Settler’s of Catan, but I will bring it for someone else to play). However, I do know the rules for all of them, and have lots of practice teaching games, and will do so upon request.

So, what should I bring?

GamerCoon (^X^)

Hey there coon. I am going to be bringing my nice little cover and such… so we can game in there if you like. Will bring some of my own selection along and such. Will be good to see the two of you there!

Holly crap thats a lot of games! Feel free to bring your favorite ones, also ones that you think would be good for a group.

Yeah I think games would be awesome. We could even do a fun little game tournament if we have the right games. Something silly, even like connect 4 would be fun. Plus connect 4 would fit in nicely with the theme of a summer camp XD. I also have a set of domino’s with some special stuff for one of my favorite group games, Mexican Train.

PANDEMIC. and Scrabble…?

I can bring Scrabble, Battleship, chess, and Monopoly.

Does anybody have Cards Against Humanity?

i can bring apples to apples

Apples to Apples is quite possibly the best card game ever made. Please bring it :smiley:

Gah do you furriez not know how to play any ghetto games?

Like Spades or Bones?


[quote=“Hawkfeather, post:10, topic:289”]Apples to Apples is quite possibly the best card game ever made. Please bring it :D[/quote] oh you know i will :3

I’m not big on Apples to Apples; it’s only suited for groups who really know each other, otherwise it’s just random. And my mate loathes it. I’d be willing to give Cards Against Humanity a try, despite it having identical mechanics.

And to Bennet, yes, of course I know ‘ghetto’ games. If you name a card game, I am very likely to know it and several variations. I do enjoy spades (so much better than hearts, which is all anyone seems to know; gee, thanks Microsoft). I enjoy pinochle more. And bridge more than that…but spades is good.


[quote=“Bennet Fox, post:11, topic:289”]Gah do you furriez not know how to play any ghetto games?

Like Spades or Bones?


dont know what spades or bones are, is it simular to Spite and Mallace (aka Skipbo)?

[quote=“boxythefoxy, post:14, topic:289”][quote author=Bennet Fox link=topic=280.msg2354#msg2354 date=1310806787]
Gah do you furriez not know how to play any ghetto games?

Like Spades or Bones?


dont know what spades or bones are, is it simular to Spite and Mallace (aka Skipbo)?[/quote]

No, not really. Spades is a trick-taking game (like bridge, whist, euchre, pinochle, hearts, bizique, klaberjass, 500, 99, oh hell, wizard, Napoleon, etc…). Bones refers to dominoes, but does not refer to a particular domino game (like the term “cards” could refer to any of the above games).


I would like to see agents of smurg… that was bloody fun.

I wanna try agents of smersh too! That looks like a fun story based game that lots of people at CFT could get into

I’ll bring Rummikub, its kinda unheard of (maybe some of you have played) & it takes the right mindset to enjoy it but its a super fun game to get into that makes you have to think & plan out your moves!

Would there happen to be any magic players attending and/or bringing decks? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to bring Matchi Koro, Hanabi, Valley of the Kings, Roll for the Galaxy, TMNT Dice Masters, and a few RPGs