Backgammon Tournament

I’d like to gauge interest in a Backgammon Tournament. If there is enough interest, I’ll run one. The format would depend on the number of players, and how available everyone is. Ideal would probably be somewhere in the 6-10 player range with an 11 game-point double-elimination bracket, but we could probably have time for up to 16-20 with a single-elimination bracket (with or without a swiss seeding and/or qualifying round).

If you’d be interested in participating in a Backgammon tournament, let me know!



You know Kiyda and I are down.

I’ve never played but I want to learn!

A tournament is the best place to learn! XD

I’m definitely down!

@Beauchamp, I can certainly teach the game before the tournament starts, if you have time early in the con.

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I am so excited about this!

Okay, 5 respondents on the forum leads me to guess at about 8 participants. If that holds, I’m thinking we can do something along these lines for format:

Thursday + Friday morning: Sign-ups, teaching the game to anyone who wants to learn, and optional 3-matchpoint seeding matches. Anyone participating can play up to [3 maybe?] matches Friday to get a better seed in the bracket. Higher seeds are more likely to receive byes if the player count requires it, and higher seeds will play against lower seeds earlier in the bracket. To encourage participation, all players playing seeding matches, win or lose, will be seeded higher than players that do not.

Friday afternoon: 1st bracket round (5 matchpoints) - 4 matches.
Friday evening: Lower bracket elimination round (5 matchpoints) - 2 matches, upper bracket quarter-finals (7 matchpoints) - 2 matches.

Saturday morning: Lower bracket quarter-finals (7 matchpoints) - 2 matches, lower bracket elimination round (7 matchpoints) - 1 match, upper bracket semifinals (9 matchpoints) - 1 match.
Saturday afternoon: Lower bracket semifinals (9 matchpoints) - 1 match, finals (13 matchpoints).

Of course, if the games go quickly I can accelerate the schedule ad-hoc, or if they go long or there are more participants I can decrease the number of matchpoints per game as needed to speed it up.

Thoughts? Feedback?

I’m planning to have two backgammon sets, so we can get through some rounds faster. If anyone else has sets to bring, it would speed it up more and/or allow for more players.

I’m also trying to come up with something that would make for a good prize for the winner…

This sounds awesome, Want to update your post to have the schedule and any other thoughts you had? Also want to fill out the form to get it announced on the schedule?

Thank you!

I managed to get 4 backgammon boards, so the schedule I posted can likely be accelerated a lot, since we can have 8 people playing at once. I’m still trying to decide on a prize. Some ideas I’ve had are a board game, a stuffed animal, or a furry comic? Maybe a commission, if I found an artist willing to donate their time for the tournament? What would people be interested in winning?

The tournament had a whopping 13 participants! Four or five players had never played before, just learned and dove right in to the tournament! You all did quite well, and thank you very much for participating!

Congratulations to Woofy the Bunny for taking first place, and the prize! (Which was a hardbound Lackadaisy vol. 2) She was the only player who was undefeated through the whole tournament.

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