Backgammon Tournament


I’d like to gauge interest in a Backgammon Tournament. If there is enough interest, I’ll run one. The format would depend on the number of players, and how available everyone is. Ideal would probably be somewhere in the 6-10 player range with an 11 game-point double-elimination bracket, but we could probably have time for up to 16-20 with a single-elimination bracket (with or without a swiss seeding and/or qualifying round).

If you’d be interested in participating in a Backgammon tournament, let me know!



You know Kiyda and I are down.


I’ve never played but I want to learn!


A tournament is the best place to learn! XD


I’m definitely down!


@Beauchamp, I can certainly teach the game before the tournament starts, if you have time early in the con.


I am so excited about this!