Astrius Catfox's Bizzare Bazaar!

Howdy Neighbors and Cowpokes! I hear there’s a Harvest Moon celebration that’s a sight to be seen, and I was thinking it might just be a good place to set up shop for a bit! Every fair’s gotta have a booth, and every festival’s got a trading post, right?

Well Astrius Catfox’s Bizarre Bazaar may just be the ticket for a motley crew such as this one!

Two of the days this here Harvest Moon thingy’s going on the Catfox Extraordinaire will be setting up a little table over at Camp Witch Trial with small baubles, doo-dads, thingamajiggers, trinkets, and “medicine” for what ails ya’. There might be a few special-type items in limited quantity… so if you can trade something unique and fun, you might get a Bell!.. a Packet Of Seeds!.. a Shiny Stone!.. or maybe - just maybe - a Blue Feather!!!

Nothing monetary - us country-folk and wandering tradesfurs have no use for coin or paper - so bring some whatsits and libations in exchange for sundries and thingies! Bring your marbles, your brightly colored shinies, your potted succulents and handmade doilies! Your cookies, your clay figures, your doodles and sketches! Your stamps, your stickers, your glittering broken jewelry and silly stray beads! Wee hand-flags to naughty toys, squirt-guns to sunglasses, and of course - small pocket adult libations and empty (but fillable!) bottles!

Bring, trade, exchange with one ridiculous Catfox, or with other strays wandering by - and if you complete The Quest she has for you, you might just achieve one Blue Feather of your own to give to a certain Lovely!

So whaddya say, ey? Stop on by!


I am so excited! Will definitely be bringing something to trade.

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I’m really looking forward to this!

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This be a fun idea.

Man, I’m trying to think of what curios I have rotting in my attic . . .

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i’m still waiting to see if i get in to register officially, but this is very exciting! i will be sure to bring some of my trinkets to trade for new trinkets, and of course my sketchin’ paws, ready to sketch!! :heart::heart:

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