ALL SLOTS FULL - CFT Cider Tasting 2023 - Taste the Summer (And the 'Ween!)

SLOTS HAVE FILLED UP ALREADY - (Thanks for signing up, Y’all!)

Hello CFT!

It is I, Fake, your Cider Guider, and we’re gonna go on a magical cider tasting adventure together!

Every year I scour the cider scene to find a selection of neat ciders, and then we sit and taste em and laugh and high-five a lot.

This will be divided into 2 flights, the Summer Tasting (Ciders that lean fruit forwards), and the ‘Ween Tasting (Dryer, Weirder ciders)

This is not an event that will get you particularly drunk. The goal is to experience new ciders and maybe find a few that you enjoy as well as trying to be able to explain WHY you like em.

FOR NOW PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP FOR ONE TASTING (I’ll open up any unclaimed slots a week before CFT.

(If slots fill up, you’re still free to join us, but I cannot guarantee that I’ll have enough cider to give everyone a taste of everything)

WHAT TO BRING - A cup, and gumption

WHEN - Friday after dinner

SIGN UPS (Leave a comment bellow with which tasting you’d like to join, and I’ll add you to the list!)

Summer Tasting (Fruity, Less Dry Cider)

  1. Okiwolf

  2. aeto

  3. Maly

  4. Theory

  5. Comaburr

  6. Lynntendo

  7. MilesRose

  8. Drakal

  9. Ryudon_Dragator

  10. Bjorn

  11. beansyboy

  12. Tyco

  13. Ghost

‘Ween Tasting (Weird / Dry Ciders)

  1. Chomps

  2. Arclight

  3. Nodnash

  4. sessorach

  5. Pup Gear

  6. Groggy

  7. Lobitox13

  8. Butterball

  9. Cernwyld

  10. Sektoth

  11. Volkaru

  12. Wolfwilly


Summer Tasting List -

Rekorderlig Passion Fruit - Sweden

Rev Nat’s Punch (ginger and fruit) - Portland Oregon

Shilling Big Zesty guava lemonade - Washington

Tieton - hazy strawberry - Yakima Washington

Apfelwein Kirsche - Birkenau Germany

2 Towns - Cherry Sublime - Corvalis Oregon

Square Mile - Rose Hard Cider - Portland Oregon

2 Towns - Pristene Peach - Corvallis Oregon

2 Towns - Plum as you are - Corvalis Oregon

Spruce Tip - Reno

Maple cinnamon - Reno


‘Ween Tasting List

Wildcraft Kingston Black whiskey barrel aged - Eugene Oregon

2 Towns Pina Fuego - Chipotle Pineapple - Corvallis Oregon

Finnriver Lavender and Black Currant Botanical Cider - Olympic Peninsula Washington

Shilling Excelsior Imperial Mango - Washington

Rev Nat’s Saint Citron (salted citron) - Portland Oregon

Bauman’s Harvest Cider - Gervais Oregon

2 Towns lavender lemonade imperial - Corvallis Oregon

2 Towns Ruby Revalry (rosemary + Grapefruit) - Corvalis Oregon

EZ Orchards - Semi Dry - Salem Oregon

Spruce Tip - Reno

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Signing up for the summer list and keeping my fingers crossed to get in for the ween list if it doesn’t fill up :3

I’ll also sign up for the summer tasting! Thanks!

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Signing up for summer please!

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My love for weird experiences goes strong as ever. Sign me up for the 'Ween ^^

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Sign me up for the 'Ween tasting!! WEEN WEEN WEEN!

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Would love to sign up for the Summer tasting! This looks really fun :sparkling_heart:

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Summer please! :pray: Thanks for getting this all together!

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Summer Tasting please!

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Sign me up for summer! And my blue dragon friend Drakal :3

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Summer tasting too please!!!

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Put me down for the 'ween!

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Ween tasting Please! <3

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I’ll lean towards the summer tasting, but I’m happy to try the Ween flight as well-


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perfect! thank you! the weird ones are always so fun!

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Interested in the weird/dry category! Will also do my usual and try and bring something interesting to share too


Oooo can ya put me down for the ween tasting please!

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Please mark me for the Summer tasting, thank you Fake! <3

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I’d like the summer, but will take the ween tasting if summer is full! Thank you again for offering, friend!

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Sign me up for dat 'Ween!

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