2023 Volunteer Sign-ups!

Sigh me up also for swag distribution Thursday 12-5, kitchen Friday 3rd shift and Saturday 2nd shift! Thank you can’t wait to see everyone!

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I’d like to do two kitchen shifts Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!

I’m in for setup on Wednesday and first shift kitchen Friday and Saturday.


Could I get in for Setup and then 1st shift in the kitchen on Friday?

I’d love to help out in the kitchen. I can do 1st shift Saturday and Sunday.

I’d love to help out in the kitchen 3rd shift on Friday and Saturday! Kitchen crew best crew.

Whoops. Think ya accidentally added me to the saturday dinner 3rd shift instead of the thursday dinner shift x3 but I can stay in the saturday one if ya need there more!

Hello, I’m interested in helping in the kitchen Saturday 3rd shift, and Sunday 1st shift.

I’m interested in volunteering in the following (in order):

  1. Setup, if you need more
  2. Gofur, Friday PM
  3. Swag Distribution
  4. Registration, more Gofur work, or whatever else (ideally before Monday) is needed to round out my volunteer credit hours

Kitchen Third Shift 19 and 20 if possible. Though I’ll take Third Shift 18 to bolster the numbers if needed.


1st shift 8/18
2nd shift 8/19

And I can help with setup

No worries, good catch! I was playing around with shifts a little, and left it in the open lol

I’ve moved you back to Thursday :]

Friday and Saturday 3rd-Shift kitchen please!

Hey there, I think my partner SinoHyena got skipped for the volunteer sign up for kitchen staff Friday morning and afternoon. There were four from our group that all wanted to participate together and three of us are on the list but somehow Sino got skipped.

You’re right, I’ve corrected it and added them to those shifts!

Hi everyone in here! I’m afraid that our shifts for kitchen have filled up quickly, and in the spirit of trying to add everybody I could, I added too many to certain shifts and we have had to cut off the number of people per shift at 5-7, depending on the needs and space of the kitchen. I regret to say that a couple of people who had signed up after those limits had to be cut back, and I take full responsibility for that. The following people had these shifts removed:





I’ve worked with a few of the people on here to move them into other shifts that still had openings, but I hope the others will be able to look at what’s still available to round out those hours. I’ll work with each person on-site as best I can to make sure people can still get the hours they were counting on when they signed up in good faith!

Please let me know, here, Telegram, or email, if there are any questions we can help with.

Oh shoot! Can i help with setup then?

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i’ll see you there :3

Of course, we always need more help at setup and tear-down! Thank you for understanding!