2022 Volunteer Sign-ups!

Well sonce setup is already filled put, jot me down for kitchen 3rd shift for Friday and Saturday

Following up on my last reply, can I get in on the 3rd Sunday kitchen shift with Ampersand?

I can work on 2nd shift on Sunday, I’m working 3rd shift on that day as well.

I’m more than happy to volunteer for Safety shifts. It’s been a while since I updated my certs, but I’ve been a certified EMT, ACLS and BLS instructor, with first response and triage experience

@Favlaud I’d love to be a Gofur again, Thursday PM and Friday PM look great to me if those are still available!

(Hey, I think I was marked down for the wrong slot. I wanted Saturday Lunch and Sunday Breakfast, but not Saturday Dinner. Thanks!)

Sorry about that, thank you for the correction :slight_smile:

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Hi Fav sorry for the slowness on this, looks like you put me down for thursday PM which works great! I also noticed a slot opened in the set-up? I’d be down to take that if it’s available… just can’t get enough of you crazy critters!

If theres a spot open for setup now, i can fill it

Follow-up, I will NOT be able to help with tear down and setup, sadly. Schedule just didn’t work out for that this year.

YO gimme a swag distribution. i have badges to give out at reg so i planned on hanging out there anyway! <3

one is open for set up, you should ask for it :3!

Hey y’all, I’d love to take the Friday PM and Sunday PM slot for Gofurs if that is cool. I’m cool with any day though if someone else needs to switch.

@Favlaud I’m interested in volunteering for the gofur shifts on Saturday and Sunday morning. I may be able to do Monday AM as well.

Can you still fit me in for some Kitchen duty?
Friday first shift
Sunday second shift

I’d like to sign up for Saturday 3rd shift kitchen and Sunday 2nd shift kitchen if those are options still

Hello I will do a Monday morning 8/15 GoFurs shift!

I think I’ll be down to take Sunday AM in gofur

It’ll be good to see you (and everyone else!) there!

I’m still willing to work Saturday third shift