2022 Volunteer Sign-ups!

Welcome to another year of Campfire Tails! My name is Favlaud, the volunteer coordinator, and with our new volunteer staff, @Gully , we’re here to help you help make this event happen!

First and foremost, if you want to volunteer, please post in this thread with what shifts and tasks you’d like to do! Centralization of these requests is very helpful, rather than disparate messages over PM or similar.

For those of you unfamiliar with the way the system works (and there are always tweaks), I hope this thread and the ones linked herein can give you a better idea of what volunteering for CFT brings.

Of course, if there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me either here in PM, or at favlaud@campfiretails.org ! Doesn’t matter what your question is about, I’ll do my best to answer it. Even if it isn’t in my wheelhouse, I’ll be happy to redirect or ask for you.

I want to make sure that everyone willing to volunteer their time and energy gets what they hope for out of it while helping out a great cause for all attendees. Positions will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and I’ll be updating this thread regularly as people claim shifts and positions.

Gentle reminder that all volunteers that work at least 7 hours are guaranteed a 50%-off base attendance fee credit and a slot in next year’s pre-registration (2023).

Kitchen and Construction volunteers also receive a +1 pre-registration token that they can give to anyone.

Please keep in mind that you need to already be registered to be able to volunteer!

With that, here are the categories where people can help out!

This year, we are putting more of a focus on helping out our safety tent crew that keeps essential supplies and knowledge on-hand in case anyone has an accident or otherwise needs help. Ideally, these individuals would have some certification on first aid/WWOOF training, and be committed to having at least one sober night to be on-call. Please consider these requirements carefully, but being a safety helper is a quick way to get full volunteer credit, and give everyone peace of mind! The work will be done in shifts, coordinated by @Roken as our safety horse.

  1. starkatt
  2. Maow
  3. liquid

Construction manager = @Intruder
Construction crews to help set up the facilities for the convention are absolutely vital, and often understaffed! If you have the physical ability to lift, carry, and go wherever needs help the most, this spot’s for you!
Requirements are to be at camp as early as noon on Wednesday, August 10, and no later than 2 PM! This year we are doing things a little differently, renting two smaller U-haul trucks instead of one bigger one. We hope this means we can get setup done even faster than before!

  1. Skanders
  2. Knox
  3. Nodnash
  4. beansyboi
  5. DogChomp
  6. Alpha_Pup_Gear
  7. Lobitox13
  8. Critter
  9. Kumatsu
  10. Gyro
  11. Azirath
  12. Paylaywuf
  13. Golden_pup

Coordinator = @Intruder
The opposite, of course, of setup! These people are the ones making sure everyone gets home on time and everything’s put away snugly for next year. Monday, August 15 is when we are planning for pack-out, where we will again be renting two smaller trucks to maximize the efficiency.

Specially this year, we’re looking for a crew of 3-4 to focus purely on the kitchen for deep cleaning and packing. If this task in particular interests you, please say so!

  1. Skanders
  2. Butterball
  3. Kumatsu
  4. Gyro
  5. Azirath
  6. Paylayfuf
  7. sessorach
  8. Roady
  9. Knox


  1. Gyro
  2. Shrimp
  3. Ampersand
  4. Roady

Swag Distribution
@Xander_Frost and @Kilo
Two volunteers needed to help distribute swag!
Thursday 12-5pm
Friday After breakfast and after lunch
Saturday After breakfast

  1. Paylaywuf
  2. DogChomp
  3. Lellow

Chef de cuisine = @Beauchamp , @x_panther
From the start of breakfast prep, to the end of dinner clean-up, the kitchen will be staffed and working! The field kitchen is what brings so many of us together with fond memories, make this part of your day-to-day and help make that nostalgia possible!

The day will be divided into three shifts -
1st shift: 08:30AM-11:30AM
2nd shift: 12:00PM-03:00PM
3rd shift: 03:30PM-06:30PM

During the shifts, you’ll be expected to work on a variety of tasks, including prepping ingredients with knives and mandolins, cooking and grilling, serving, as well as dish washing and clean-up. If there’s something you’re unfamiliar with, don’t worry! Part of the fun is learning new skills you can use at home, and we are happy to teach! Since kitchen shifts are limited to 5 people per, and how Kitchen hours add up, shifts are limited to two per individual. Be mindful what kind of cooking you’d like to do and when!

Thursday 8/11
3rd shift

  1. Cernwyld
  2. Slake
  3. Paylaywuf
  4. Ampersand
  5. Icewolf68

Friday 8/12
1st shift

  1. beansyboi
  2. Cernwyld
  3. Slake
  4. FakeMan
  5. tyco

2nd shift

  1. Catoxis
  2. Istelle
  3. noobmercury
  4. anubisyote
  5. sinohyena

3rd shift

  1. Coyoli
  2. HaruTheDoggo
  3. anubisyote
  4. sinohyena
  5. Nodnash

Saturday 8/13
1st shift

  1. HaruTheDoggo
  2. Catoxis

2nd shift

  1. Coyoli
  2. Everssor
  3. Emanate
  4. Istelle
  5. noobmercury

3rd shift

  1. Everssor
  2. celanor
  3. Nodnash
  4. HaruTheDoggo

Sunday 8/14
1st shift

  1. Meowmom
  2. FakeMan
  3. Emanate

2nd shift

  1. Maow
  2. Icewolf68
  3. tyco
  4. celanor

3rd shift

  1. Maow
  2. Ampersand
  3. Icewolf68
  4. Roady

Monday 8/15
1st shift

  1. Roady

Coordinator = @Favlaud
This is where the big change from last year will be! The people that apply for this job will work with me on a half-day shift, morning or afternoon, and will be my go-to hands when something pops up. Checking trash cans, restocking facilities, and general handiness are what’s needed most. And the best part? You’ll get radios!

Thursday, August 11


  1. Knox
  2. emarl

Friday, August 12

  1. SaberTail
  2. MilesRose


  1. emarl
  2. Meditation_Dawn

Saturday, August 13

  1. SaberTail
  2. loma


  1. anubisyote
  2. sinohyena

Sunday, August 14

  1. loma
  2. MilesRose


  1. Meditation_Dawn

Monday, August 15

  1. geoyote15

Finally, why would you volunteer (besides being awesome and helping from your kindness)? Volunteer credits! Please take a look at @koinu ‘s post regarding rewards and benefits for your time, seen here:

Everyone must register to help out!
Whether that means signing up ahead of time (in this thread), or a spur of the moment assist while at camp, please make sure that I or another staff member get your registered name/handle down. As much as we appreciate people giving what they can, if your name doesn’t get noted, you won’t earn anything toward that credit you might’ve earned. We want to avoid that whenever possible, so bookkeeping is key.

Let’s have fun!


I am interested in helping with setup and takedown. The Alpha and Omega!

can i get a couple kitchen 2nd or 3rd shifts? I’m flexible. Maybe like friday 3rd, saturday 2nd, sunday 3rd

i also would like to help with setup and/or tear down but I’m unaware of what times i can promise on that

I would like to sign up for set up and teardown, though there’s a chance I might not be able to do set up.

I would like to volunteer for setup, and 1st shift kitchen staff on Friday 8/12!

I’ll take a thursday dinner shift (3rd shift) and a friday breakfast shift (1st shift)

I can do gofur shifts for Friday AM and Saturday AM.

May i get a slot for set up, pretty please?

i know i’ll be available for a spur of the moment assist while at camp as well!

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I’m gonna go in hard for the Safety Team!

I’m ready and willing for patching minor ouchies, care a lot about medical preparedness, and have hookups to bring hella first-aid and care supplies. (Cert level: wilderness first responder.)

Also I’ve historically camped right behind the aid tent, which is pretty dang convenient :slight_smile:


Add me to Setup :+1:
We’re coming up early, so it will be great to lend a paw!

@Intruder I would like to help out with set up on wed​:smile::wolf:

AM Friday Gofur, fer shure! I’ll check with my ride to see if PM Thursday is possible, and decide on another if we’re arriving in the evening.

I’m up for setup, I’ve done it before.

Im down to work some 2nd and 3rd kitchen shifts starting Saturday. Wherever you need me.

I’d love to help with Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast and dinner.

I’ll take a thursday dinner shift (3rd shift) and a friday breakfast shift (1st shift)

I’d love to help out in the Kitchen. I can do the Thursday 3rd shift and the Friday 1st shift

I’d like to do setup, breakdown and the grill cleaning again at the end if I can.

I’d like to be part of the set-up and breakdown crew! I’ve done it a few times in the past and always enjoyed helping out. I’ll also look into other tasks on-site as time goes on. :3

I can help with Setup and Breakdown. I will have my Avalanche and various power tools available if anything of that nature is needed.