2022 Volunteer Sign-ups!

I can do all hours for setup and break down(I live close) and wouldn’t mind helping out 1 or 2, 1st shifts in the kitchen. Whenever is needed most, just let me know :yum:

I can do Kitchen duty, Saturday second shift (lunch) and Sunday first shift (Breakfast) are the ones I’m most confident in knowing how to prep and cook!

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I can help out Friday handing out swag too. After breakfast and lunch!

Heyo! My mom would like to volunteer for Breakfast on Sunday! She is attending, but not tech savvy enough to have a forum account. Is that alright? If you put her in the volunteer list, her badge name is Meowmom


Put me down for Kitchen duty, Friday 2nd shift and Saturday 1st shift. Depending on jet-lag recovery, I may be late to that 2nd one, but I’ll sync up with y’all on site and adjust as needed!

I’m with @Azirath , put me down for the same shifts or whatever’s at that time for setup/breakdown.

@noobmercury and I will work 2nd Shift Kitchen on both Friday and Sunday.

I would love love love to do back to back kitchen shifts on Sunday for lunch and dinner! It is my pleasure to serve you and one of my favorite things to do here :3c

Also, since medics are needed, I can’t outright volunteer for that because I don’t have any first aid training, but I do have some know-how and experience treating burns. Feel free to get me if you need that kind of help.

I’m interested in signing up for kitchen Deep clean! I am curious how many hours that will be, if I will need another task to reach 7 volunteer hours and if that counts as kitchen volunteer for the 2023 +1?

Looking to score Kitchen shifts, Thursday 8/11 3rd shift, and Sunday 8/14 3rd shift. I can also do Kitchen Deep Clean on Monday since I’ll be there anyway, lol.

Rawr! I’ll be staying F-M, and would like to volunteer for breakdown, as well as kitchen deep clean. I would also like to volunteer for 2nd Saturday kitchen shift and 1st Monday kitchen shift.

Hey there! Looks like 2nd Saturday shift is full up, but let me know if another shift would be OK for you.

It should take about 3-4 hours, so it would count as a single credit. There’s always room as a Go-Fur if you’re looking to round out your hours!

Hey! @sinohyena and I both want to volunteer for lunch and dinner on Friday, and then we’d like to pick up an hour or two gofur-ing to round out our 7 hour commitment, as long as it’s not too early in the morning (we are both night owls soooo like 10am is the earliest you can expect to get anything out of us). Thank you!

Hi @favlaud !!! I’d love to help with breakdown (and setup if you need extra hands) and I’ll take the Thursday AM Go Fur shift and more if you still need help closer to Party Time!

Hi there this is moonglow I’d like to volunteer for 3rd shift on 8/11, 2nd shift on the 12th and 2nd and 3rd shift on 8/14. This is for the kitchen of course. Can’t wait to see everyone and help out and have a great time.

Hi Knox, thank you so much! Is there another gofur shift you might like, since there is no thursday AM? :3

Thank you! We are full up on kitchen shifts for 8/11 2nd, is there another shift you might be ok with?

So, as I feared, I’m going to have to bail on set-up. But I’m still good for Breakdown.

Also, I might be open to helping out during camp but I’m certainly playing it by ear.

Can I get a kitchen 1st shift on Friday and Sunday?