2017 Volunteer Sign-ups!


I’ll be catching a ride to and from CFT with Pe Low. So put me down wherever for set up and break down.


Also, feel free to add me to any breakfast shifts I’m not already on.


I would love to volunteer in the kitchen for friday dinner and saturday lunch!


Do you have room for two to help set up? It would be myself, and my other @CharlesSky


My ridemate and can make it out Wednesday for setup. Mark me and Ampersand down for that. I can also Gofur on Saturday in the PM.


Could you please pencil me in for Sunday Lunch and Monday Breakfast please?


I could take the last Friday PM Gofur slot and a Monday morning one. :3


Ugh… so due to unforeseen changes in work schedule. I will be arriving earlier but having to leave on sunday. Which meana I can’t help break down, but can help setup if extra hands or tools are needed


Sign me up to help out with dinner on Thursday, and breakfast on Friday!


I’d like to help with setup/teardown, and or in the kitchen


Hi Corvus

I put you down for teardown, as well as Saturday dinner. Does that work for you?


CFT is almost here! On-site, please remember to find me to check in with me before you start on any work. I’ll direct you to where you need to be, and record your name/check the list I have! I look forward to seeing everyone there!


… hate to keep doing this. I can’t make it to setup before 2pm :(( sorry dudes. I’ll help where I can though when I am there.


It’s okay! There’ll no doubt be things to help with whenever you’re able to make it. Same goes for everyone, we all trickle in at different times and help with different things :grin: What matters is having fun!


I can help with Dinner on Thursday 8/3 and Breakfast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8/4.

Do you guys still need more for Setup I could possibly help with that as well.


I’ll be around to be dragged into the kitchen whenever you want.

I assume that’s going to include dinner on Saturday and Sunday, so I guess I’m explicitly volunteering for those.


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