2017 Apple-Pocalypse - Cider Tasting

[EDIT - We’ve got a Time slot on Friday Evening. This will be a good way to get to meet everyone! Still not sure where it will be, But I’ll keep you posted.]

Hey guys, Fakeman here.

The cider tasting last year went great, and I had a wonderful time with everyone who showed up. I’m aiming to hose a similar even this year, AND have it actually be in the correct place this time!

Anyways, the lowdown is, this is an event in which we all sit around and discuss a flight of around 10 ciders. It’s a guided tour of the best ciders that the west coast and the world have to offer, with me, an amateur cider enthusiast as your host.

It’s just a tasting, so no heavy drinking is required (just a small cup of each new variety) I’m going to try to come up with a completely new spread of cider this year, and see if I can find some new classics, as well as some bizarre ones to boggle the minds and taste-buds.

However , if this goes anything like last year, there will also be some leftover half full bottles of cider left over, and it would be a terrible, terrible thing to let them go to waste. So if anyone would like to join me in singing drinking songs afterwards, I would very much appreciate your company.

I’m currently planning on setting this up for 18 people. I’m not super firm on this number yet, but I think that’s about the max I can plan for.

If you want to guarantee yourself a spot at the table, just leave me a reply below saying you are interested, and I’ll add you to the list. Likewise, if you have any great ideas as for how to make this cooler, just fire them off at me.

As for the admin side of things, I do not yet know when or where this is going to be, so if anyone could help me figure out the date and place that best works with the schedule, that would be rad as heck.

Looking forwards to seeing all the returners again, and meeting the newcomers for the fist time!



Count me in! How about hosting it in the tavern? A couple of us were thinking about also making a tavern Happening of some kind (still figuring out if it’s something we want to make official), as it seemed under-utilized last year.

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I am 100% about this life. Sign me up!

That sounds perfect. I didn’t really know where it was last year. This year, it’s gonna be in the tavern! It’d be cool if there was something going on in the tavern every night. I’d love to organize with you guys.

Also, consider yourself signed up.

Alight, you’ve got a spot on the short list!

I have a few bottles I’d love to share. Can I bring some of my own for the tasting?

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I loved last year’s, I’m so down for this!

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Absolutely! Just try to make sure you bring enough for about 18 people to all get a taste. You can also introduce them and give their deeds to the crowd, if you are so inclined.

Also, consider your name added to the list.

Rad. Looking forward to doing it again. Consider yourself officially on the list.

I’d also like to be on the list~ <3

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Put me down! I loved doing the tasting last year!

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Alright! Consider yourself added.

Hopefully this year will be even better! I’ll add you to the list.

I would be down to try that. Just want to get in before it fills up

Right-o. You’re totally in.

This sounds like a lot of fun! I’d love to join.

Sweet. It’s a deal. You are on the list!

I would love to be apart of this again! As long as I can make it (work forbearing) :3

Well, Just let me know if you can’t make it. Until then I’ll assume you’re coming and add you to the ist

Alright. Time Slot Got.

We on the evening (Bell +40) On the first Friday!

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