2017 Apple-Pocalypse - Cider Tasting


Alright, I’m back in the states, and drifting around trying ciders at a break-neck pace.

The first cider I’m adding to the tasting is Dan Armor Pear. Made in the north of France, it’s a balanced 100% pear cider with a sweet start and a tart finish. Simple and quite refreshing.


Me and my mate @TK would be into this. Sign us up.


Alright. Both of you are now most officially on the list!


Alright ladies and gents, I’ve been trying what ciders I can, and we’re getting closer to the full 10 bottle line-up.

D’s Wicked Cider the Baked Apple was tried and found lacking, but I’ve found two wondrous amalgamations that I’ve procured and added to the list.

Remember last year where I was sad that I couldn’t find the Finn River Cider that I wanted? Well, this year the problem has been ameliorated. I’ve got two bottles of Finn River Black Currant Cider from the Olympic Peninsula. It remains one of my favorite sour ciders with a tart finish, and the vague menthol notes of black currant.

And then, from Sonoma California, a weird one. Ace Cider’s SPace Blood Orange Craft Cider. It’s sweet and tart, and unusual. Refreshing and unique, it’ll be part of our list.

I’m still working on the 4 basic ciders (sweet, semi-sweet, dry, and fucking English) and a few others, but I’ll let you guys know as things progress!


Alright, the English cider has been narrowed down, and the winner is

Aspall, brewed in Suffolk England. It’s got a nice fruity bloom at the start, but ends with a taste as dry as English wit.

I’m hoping to get my hands on some local orchard cider from the locals, but I’ll let you know as things develop.


I’m getting so excited about this! <3


It’s gonna be good! I still have about 5 to track down. I’m looking for good sweet ciders now.


I would love to be on the list and to bring some ciders!


Alright, you’re on the VIP list.

If you bring cider, just try to bring enough for everyone (I’m figuring about a liter of each will do.)


Alright, I tried some weirdness in the form of cactus fruit cider and cider with mint and lime which were . . . unique, but not necessarily in the best of ways.

However, I have found 2 more to add to the list.

For a good basic American cider we have Newton’s Folly Granny Smith Draft Cider from Middlebury Vermont. It’s crisp and refreshing, and has a nice roundness.

For a more wine-like cider we have Incline Cider Company’s Compass Rose Hibiscus Cider. It’s a more heavy wine style, with hints of elderflower, ginger, and honey. It’s subtle, but full without being overwhelming.

I’ve got 4 more before the list is filled out. I’m venturing out to Portland to see what I can find tomorrow.


I know Bushwacker Cider in Portland has a rather large bottle shop if you’re looking to check someplace out. Their website says they have over 340 bottled ciders! http://www.bushwhackercider.com/


You mad genius. I was there not 2 hours ago! And I’ve added to my extensive haul.


Alright, family, today I went to Portland, and I have returned with a glorious bounty.

Added to the runnings are . . .

Craigies Ballyhook Flyer - The best goddamned cider in ireland. Found this in Dublin and loved it. Was fortunate enough to find 2 bottles in Portland. It’s crisp, dry, and something fierce.

Cider Riot’s Lemmy’s Summer Camp - a cider with Meyer lemons. It’s not that lemony, but has an odd pleasing flavor that reminds me of Christmas. Very zesty, too unique to leave out.

Isastegi - Spanish Basque style cider - If you have never had a Basque cider, you are in for an experience, and possibly a treat. This dry and relitively flat cider has hints of olive and apple must as well as a vinegary kick. Very potent.

And last but not least - Shilling’s Grapefruit and chill. It’s sweet, refreshing, and tangy. A wonderful summer brew that’s fresh, but not overbearing.

There’s one more spot on the list, but I’m going to leave it to a mystery growler fill. I have one in mind that’s technically a cocktail, but if I can find it you will be in a dark sweet chocolate apple mystery.

Looking forward to this. Stay safe, and see you all soon.


Sweet! I’m glad you found it.


Uploading… So I’ve confirmed that i will make it and I’ll be bringing two of each of these flavors, as well as two Stella Artois Cidres for tasting. So I’ll have 5 flavors to bring


Alright! That’s gonna make this into a party. I’ll meet up with you there and we can schmooze about the best order to put them in.

Thanks for pitching in!


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