2016 Volunteer Signups!

I’ll be there for build up and breakdown, so if you wanna sign me up for that, that would be awesome :slight_smile:

Since a certain donkey says I have to, even though I said I would volunteer, I am here to sign this thing here. Not upset, just joking. X3

I could do the same things I did last year, set up, fire pit digging/set up, and other things like that. Not really wanting to do kitchen stuff though. XP

Ok, so I missed my deadline of answering before the weekend was out. x.x

We are willing to show up a day early, no problem, if setup help is still needed, but it looks like you’ve maybe got enough help? I don’t think either of us can swing staying a day late with work, though.

What is required for working in the kitchen? Do all kitchen workers need to have their Oregon Food Safety card?

Looks like many gophers are still needed!

We may still need help during setup. The more hands, the more we can probably have done before sundown.

As for kitchen help, yes, we do ask that anyone handling food please look into getting an Oregon Food Handler’s card.

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If you don’t want to get a food handlers card, we can always use help with clean up too!

Hi there! You’re welcome to show up at any time, and even if you don’t put yourself down in the list here, I’m always willing to take on more help and still give out credit where I can, as long as people talk to me before and after. Don’t be shy to talk to the tall donkey! Oki and Hawkfeather’s replies also have good info, I hope we could help!

Put me down for dinners in the kitchen. I have a food handlers card.

I can also help with EITHER setup, OR takedown. My vacation days are flexible, but I don’t think I can do both.

I’m willing to do whatever work you guys need help with, build up, tear down, kitchen, amything that is during the day time. Put me where u need me the most

Dang put me down for gopher saturday morning too <3 im absolutely a morning person

Thank you! I put you down for breakdown.

Toxic: I put you as a gofur and setup; I hope that date works for you!

And Dog, I put you in as requested :>

I’ll take a couple of shifts doing dishes, but will also have an OR food handler card. Saturday breakfast and dinner?

Sounds good! Thank you very much!

I’d also like to draw people’s attention to the fact that not only are volunteers guaranteed a spot in next year’s registration (using the same username), but that our registration lottery is ongoing here:

I’ll edit this into the OP as well, but something to consider. We all appreciate everything you guys contribute to CFT!

I’ll help out with Saturday breakfast and lunch, and sunday breakfast!

I’ll be Beau’s kitchen…er, helper. Sign me up for Friday Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner; Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner; Sunday Breakfast and Dinner, and Monday Breakfast!

And put me down as Twilight, because I think that’s the name on my badge. I forgot. (Oops.)

I’ve never done infrastructure before - I can round out the setup crew. If you need something ahead of time let me know, I also have a trailer to haul stuff in from Portland (8x10 open) if that helps.

For food, I can do Thursday dinner, Friday dinner, and Saturday b-fast. Have current food handlers card.

Looking forward to Beau’s Kitchen!

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I’ll sign up for setup and teardown; I’ve always had fun doing that.

I will ensure that I am sober enough to help with dinners Thursday/Friday/Saturday and lunch on Sunday (sign me up for those pls) :O3

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I would like Friday and Saturday AM gofurs and Sunday Lunch

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Hey there! I’m brand new to CFT but would love to help out! I don’t have my food license but I’d be happy to help with dishes etc. Thursday dinner and Friday lunch if those positions are still needed!

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Hello! Sorry for being a bit late to the game, but it looks like you might need a few paws in the kitchen. I’ll have my food handler’s permit in a couple of days, and would be very happy to help as follows:

Friday - Dinner
Saturday - Lunch
Sunday - Breakfast

And I’ll possibly be able to help out at other times if you’re seriously short-staffed.
Hope that helps, and see you all soon!