2011 CFT Volunteers - Updated Lists 2


Kitchen Help-
We need people to help us with delectable noms. We have three kitchen shifts we are covering.

Breakfast- so any early birds willing to help are most welcome-
Head Chef= Crowley
Sous Chef= Luffy

Volunteer One: HawkFeather
Volunteer Two: Artemis
Volunteer Three:

Head Chef= Sparky
Sous Chef= Arbitrary

Volunteer One: HawkFeather
Volunteer Two: Skit
Volunteer Three:

Head Chef= X_Panther
Sous Chef= Okami

Volunteer One: Koinu
Volunteer Two: Arbitrary
Volunteer Three:

Volunteering for kitchen duty includes food prepping, tables, utensils, clean up, ect. You’ve all cleaned a kitchen before right? Same basics :slight_smile:

We need people to help Set up for the Happenings!

These are the events that make CFT happen, we need people to help set up, run supplies about and generally help things run smoothly.

Happenings Coordinator= Koda
Happenings Assistant= Z

Volunteer One:RTW
Volunteer Two:

In order to help things run as smoothly as possible we need a couple people helping pass things out, check id’s, ect. at the beginning of CFT :slight_smile:

Registration Manager/HR= Koinu

Volunteer: AnnaHyena

Traffic controllers and general Greeters:
Volunteer one: Boxythefoxy
Volunteer two: Helena

Now comes the big stuff, we need help setting up. Our construction volunteers are absolutely vital to CFT. We basically need help moving things, building things and the like, its construction, a possible chance to bang stuff with hammers, who doesn’t enjoy that?

Construction Manager= Davey Wolf
Construction/Decoration= Copper Scales

Volunteer One: Maz
Volunteer Two: Hawkfeather
Volunteer Three: Boxy
Volunteer Four:Artemis
Volunteer Five:Helena
Volunteer Six:Moparskunk
Volunteer Seven: Pixelito
Volunteer Eight:Shinisuryu

These people need to be available 8/3 or 8/9 for set-up and break down. :slight_smile:

Trash Collector (I think that sounds meaner then i want it to :P)

I need gophers! I need people willing to fill in when needed if we run short a volunteer somewhere.

Volunteer One: Artemis
Volunteer Two:
Volunteer Three:

Volunteer One: RTW
Volunteer Two:

Volunteer One: Boxy
Volunteer Two:Helena
Volunteer Three:AnnaHyena


For the sake of keeping things organized and clear, I submit this:

[ul][li]I plan to be there from the very start, to the very end. I am a workaholic that lives to help others, don’t let me suffer! :)[/li]
[li]I have lots of kitchen experience in all of the listed duties, and can fill in all three slots as needed. Note that this includes early bird breakfast shifts, because this bird does in fact get up early. I have also worked this in many a campouts for an NPO over the years and can handle working with just a camp stove and a fry pan. Edit: I also have a current Foodhandler’s permit, and can provide a copy if need be.[/li]
[li]I have a little bit of construction experience, and what I lack in that matter I make up for in following instructions.[/li]
[li]Working with an NPO has also taught me much of how to run gate and all the duties necessary for Check-ins, entry paperwork, and the like.[/li]
[li]For Gophering, I know less of the finer points to how this show goes, but I am willing to go where needed.[/li][/ul]

I have a food handlers card so you can count me among the kitchen help from setup through Saturday, when you get around to scheduling that. (I have to head back to Portland on Sunday.)

I KNOW y’all need a pretty face for check-in, Star :3

I’ll be your gal if you need me.

i know you got my first email, but not sure if you got my reply to your reply :3 just let me know ^^

I did not get a second reply, and this amuses me because i was in the midst of messaging you again :slight_smile:

If you would please send it again :slight_smile:


[quote=“starthehusky, post:6, topic:301”]I did not get a second reply, and this amuses me because i was in the midst of messaging you again :slight_smile:

If you would please send it again :slight_smile:


okays i resent it (might also want to check your spam/bulk folder, might be there) i also played it safe and sent it to your instant messanger ^^

Thanks Boxy!

Your awesome. I need to make a spreadsheet so I can get everything even more organized and place people where needed.

~Star :slight_smile:

I will take care of emptying trash cans. I’ll be bringing a wheelbarrow to make hauling stuff easier.

Katra are you going to be fine doing garbage by yourself every day?

Shouldn’t be a problem. That’s what the wheelbarrow is for. :wink:

[quote=“starthehusky, post:10, topic:301”]Katra are you going to be fine doing garbage by yourself every day?[/quote] i dont mind doing it either since im (hopefully) going to be one of the groundsgophers

Okay guys. another update. More coming now since I’m actually getting more responses!
Thank you all. take a look. shoot me a message!

For us worker bees (buzz buzz) on the construction crew, what time do we need to be there for that? Do we need to bring any additional gear too?

I believe we are sposed to be there at 2pm on the 3rd.
As far as gear I don’t think anything is needed on that but if anyone knows the answers for sure, please chime in!

If it’s useful, bring it!

Hey Guys!

So I got a family camping trip thrust on me and I’m gonna be gone for a week, this puts a damper on my plans.
I still need volunteers! Please shoot me an email and as soon as I’m back I will figure everything out. We are coming close to the wire and we need help. Think of it as community service, put in 20hrs and you get 20 dollars off next years registration. This is a convention for you, lend a helping hand. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much to EVERYONE for putting up with my spaztic tendencies and double thanks to those who are putting in their time and then some. You guys are AWESOME <3

Have an awesome week!


I don’t know about email (don’t have yours), but I have a food handlers card and am happy to volunteer in the kitchen for any meal. Just schedule me where you need me. :slight_smile:

To any and all construction crew volunteers. If you think it’ll be helpful bring it! If everyone can bring a mallet or hammer of some sort, that would be great. You will more than likely need something to pound big metal stakes into the ground. Rope is always handy, as is bungy chords. I will bring stuff with me to mark down who brings these things so they can get them back if wanted. Duct tape too as it never seems to stretch as much as it’s needed. :3

Pick axes, shovels and leaf rakes would be absolutely appreciated.