Ye Olde Happeningenings!


[ul][li]Morning Yoga aka Exercising away that Hangover![/li]
[li]Lube Olympics (duh)[/li]
[li]Sex-Positive/Safer Sex Discussion and Q&A[/li]
[li]Literally caulking the wagon and floating it[/li]
[li]Crafting Workshop[/li]
[li]Guided Nature Hike: Don’t Touch the Poison Ivy[/li]
[li]Wok the Salmon and Coat It: Pioneer Cuisine How-To[/li][/ul]

If you’re interested in helping out/hosting/or adding to this list, please let us know!

Hey Beauchamp!

OOPS, I think I did something wrong! I suggested a few happenings/discussion in three separate posts, but NOT in response to this one. Should I let you know first or ask first? They’re rather casual campfire discussions and board/card-gaming things, but if I should let you know first, well, should I? :slight_smile:

Really excited about the gathering and can’t wait to see you and everyone there! :slight_smile: Big hugs!!!

Furio / Royce

Making threads is fine, it makes comments and discussion about specific ideas easier to follow.

Absolutely! This is mostly just as a starting point and just to keep me a little more organized :stuck_out_tongue:
Feel free to post threads about individual events. Just keep track to see if anyone has posted the same/similar event and keep the conversation going in there. :slight_smile:

I’d heard a few rumblings on WaterSports… I mean, uh. A waterfight. Yeah that is the one, a waterfight. I know you (CorgiHappeningPants) have a lot on your plate, but maybe a waterfight?