Xanders Road Report: Sunday

Greetings Campers!

As per usual, I have already landed in Bend to start prepping the area for shopping and such. At the moment I am sitting in my hotel room considering what to do next. Hmmm

Road Report:
-Traveling north on Hwy 97
The south-side merger/exit for Bend is closed. Access to south Bend is via Badger road. This is a two lane road in front of the local Walmart. If you need access to the south end of Bend from CFT make sure to give yourself an extra 20mins.
-Traveling East on ORE58 towards Hwy97
Just past Pleasant Hill, there is a 20min delay in both directions due to road construction between 7pm and 7am.

Tomorrow is to buy as much of the nonperishable food items need. Food buying will require about 8 trips back and forth. Yeah… small car. XD I think I’m also going to go get something to drink (non-booze) in a bit. Few things to do in the area. Likely will just go to bed early.

Welcome to the area.

Yeah, the Bend construction has been making flow through there a little awkward. Hope everyone has a safe trip and see y’all tomorrow.